Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Greatest Spectating Experience of my Life

I've seen the Raiders beat the Broncos, I've seen the San Jose Sharks beat the Red Wings in the final seconds of the game, I've seen Barry Bonds hit the game winning home run, and I've seen Michael Jordan hit a game winning shot; but none of that compares to what I watched this past Sunday in Tempe, AZ when Jen became an IronMan. I was so proud and amazed that I really can't put it into words but I'm sure that my fellow spectators (Maritza, Deana, Dana, Inga, Josh, my Dad and Step-Mom, my Aunt Carol, and Arizona blogger Kelsa Lynn) all know what I am talking about. Watching the swim start was un-freaking-believable; seeing Jen come out of T2 to run a marathon after biking 112 miles was un-freaking-believable; and watching her run down the finish chute as Mike Riley announced that she was an IronMan brought tears to my eyes (Maritza was full-on crying and not for the first time that day). All of the details of the day will be revealed by IronJen in the days to come but let's just say that I was inspired by what she accomplished and I'm sure you will be as well.