Friday, September 28, 2007

"Off Day"

OWS w/ Suits - approx 280y
Time: 4:23

Jen picked me up at the BART station yesterday after work and we headed out to Shadow Cliffs for a swim in our wetsuits; they are freaking awesome! I felt very buoyant in the water and it seemed like I could pull myself through the water much easier than without one on. We got out there as the sun was going down so we only stayed in the water for a few minutes. Getting them off was interesting but when they are wet they seem to come off a little easier. We messed around with them last night to test out the break-away zipper which is pretty cool. Tonight we are going to practice getting our legs out of them since that is the most challenging part. Oh yeah, they are QR sleeveless - the fit great but seem a little tight around the neck. I think we may try the blue-seventy suits before buying to see if there is much of a difference.

The "Off Day" Run
am run w/ Jen - 2.25 mi
Total Time: 20:51
AP: 9:26

Well today was going to be a rest day for me but Jen decided she was going to do her long run this morning instead of after work. Now she decided this a couple of days ago but she somehow left out the fact that I would be joining her for the first couple of miles. So at around 5:15 I got out of bed and we headed out; since she was planning on doing 14 total this morning and she has a 12 mile loop in the area we just needed to get in approx. 2 miles before she headed out on the loop. I was planning on doing 3 or 4 with her but when we got back by the house she decided to put on shorts really quick so I decided to end my run there - I figured I got up and got the blood moving so I really didn't need to do any more than that w/ the Tri coming up on Sunday.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yeah, I got up late - besides, it's a taper week

Morning Swim at 24hr. - 500m
Total Time: 9:11

This morning the alarm went off at 5am and for the first time in a few weeks I hit the snooze and fell back asleep. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!!!! It's 5:10 - Crap! I got myself up, dressed, and out the door as quick as I could but I knew I was running a bit behind. I had planned on doing 750 but figured 500 was fine since that would allow me to get in the all important steam and stretch at the end. I ended the swim with 25m on my back just kicking with my legs and alternating one hand by my side and one leading - I've noticed it's getting easier for me to float the more I am in the pool.

Tonight we are heading out to the lake to try out our wetsuits (Jen is picking them up at lunch) then tomorrow we pack and get ready for the Tri!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Riding and Running

Tues pm ride - 13.9 mi
Amador - VP - AL - FH - Nor - AL - Stage - IH
Total Time: 45:39
Avg mph: 18.3

Quick ride after work yesterday and the distance got me very close to the darkness cutoff. I haven't picked up any clear sunglasses but really they would probably only add 15 or 20 minutes onto my ride time. I guess that's enough time to get in a few extra miles so I'll keep an eye out for them. Overall it was a nice hard ride that really wasn't all that hard (if that makes sense).

Wed am run w/ Jen - modified loop - 3.4 mi
Total Time: 31:18
AP: 9:12

Nice easy run this morning which was perfect after last night's hard ride. I cut it a bit short so I would have time to do a nice long stretch before getting in the shower. It's so nice running with someone in the morning, really breaks up the routine. Really it's not that we're talking the whole time but being with someone you enjoy being around while doing something you enjoy is one of the best things in the world. No pains or soreness to speak of other than stiff legs for the first half mile or so. Jen continued on to do 11 total and from the preliminary reports it was a good run. I think this may be my last run before the Tri on Sunday but I will still get in a couple more swims and maybe another ride.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Nice Long Steam

Morning Swim @ 24hr. - 1000m
Total Time: 18:47

Last night I set the alarm for 4:50am but then thought I may only swim 1000m so I really didn't need to get up until 5:05. After thinking about it for a bit I decided that some extra time to steam means more in the morning than a few extra minutes of sleep. Turns out it was an excellent decision as I was able to steam for about 12 minutes before showering and heading home. The water was fine this morning, cold at first but fine once you push off the wall for the first lap. I only have one more planned swim before the Tri but we will take our suits out for an OWS on Thursday after work just to get in a bit of swimming with them on. Saturday we plan on getting to San Diego early enough to do a swim in the ocean and check out the course. Since I have not swam in salt water before this will be a nice way to check it out before race day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Swim, Bike, Run - Just not in one day

Saturday Swim @ 24hr. - 2000m
Total Time: 38:04
500 Freestyle at Faster Pace: 8:41
1250 Freestyle at regular pace
200 Breast
50 Back Stroke

Saturday morning arrived with rain showers and cold. I decided not to ride since I do not have any experience riding on wet roads; so I headed up to the gym for a quick swim. Jen was heading off for a long run so I was going solo to the gym. I got my own lane when I got there and wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do for a workout. My first 100m felt strong so I decided to keep swimming hard for the first 500m and then maybe do something else. After the first 500m I did 200m of breast stroke and then 50m of back stroke (which is very hard on the ole leg muscles). The last 1250m of freestyle I did without taking a break and every lap felt good. I ended the morning with a nice long steam.

Sunday - solo bike ride - 27.3 mi
Total Time: 1:28:01
Avg mph: 18.5

Sunday morning came with sun and no rain but it was still pretty chilly out. I headed out for a bike ride since I had not been on the bike since Monday and needed to get in a long weekend ride. I did the usual long loop but added on CT to Diablo to El C then to FH. It was a great ride and I never felt that I was putting in too much effort, just nice solid spinning. Got up to 36 mph on a downhill stretch, the fastest I have gone yet.

Monday - am solo run - 3.25ish miles
Total Time: 28:00
AP: approx 8:30ish

I was planning on having a nice easy recovery run this morning, especially since my bike ride was pushed from Sat to Sun. I did have a nice pace but had to cut the run short due to a pressing matter that sprang itself on me around mile two. Now I have had to go to the bathroom during a run before but this was something that I have never experienced, and hope I never have to deal with again. Fortunately I made it back to the house in time but it was tough - running only made it worse but time was also against me so I had to keep running!


Total Run: 12 mi
Total Bike: 58.55 mi
Total Swim: 4,250 m

Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh ho it's Friday

Oh, ho, ho it's Friday, you know
Never believe it's not so
It's Friday, you know
I am so glad that it's so.

Ran 4 mi solo - morning loop
Total Time: 28:52
AP: 7:13

Slept in till 5:15 this morning, woo hoo!! We were in bed last night around 9:45 so I felt well rested when it was time to get up. Still a bit sleepy at first but I am now feeling like I am pretty much awake by the time I am putting my shoes on instead of when I start running. It was a nice morning, temperature was perfect and there was no wind blowing. I wanted to run hard since this will most likely be my last fast/hard run before the tri next Sunday; and run hard I did. This was the first time in my running that when I stopped at the light to cross the street (at both crossings) I actually looked around while waiting for the light to change and considered where I would puke if it came to that; and it nearly did. I also had a shoulder cramp from miles 1 to 3 so I tried rolling it out, massaging it with my left hand, and letting my arm hang slack for a few steps. For some reason this never seems to work then all of a sudden I notice that it hasn't been bothering me for a while. I am usually so happy that it has gone away at that point that I really don't think about what caused it to start or stop.

This weekend we will be trying on the wetsuits at FoMo and reserving them if they are a good fit. If not then we will just go with the Blue Seventy from Sports B.

Thursday pm bike w/ Jen - IH and Neighborhood
Total Miles: 6.25
Total Time: 28:04
Avg mph: 13.4

After work Jen and I decided to get in a quick bike ride before it got dark - I took out the 7.3Fx and we headed up the Iron Horse. When we got to the turn around point Jen wanted to try a new route back through the neighborhood so I followed her on the streets and we found our way back home. It was a relatively easy ride but was a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Windy Wednesday - Thursday Morning Swim

Last night I got off a bit early since I was down at a conference for work but when I got home the wind was blowing, and I mean really blowing, so I decided that a ride was not going to happen. It's not that I was worried about headwinds (even though they do suck); what I was worried about were the blow you into traffic or traffic into you winds.

Thursday am swim @ 24hr. - 1250m
Total Time: 24:41

Set the alarm for a few minutes earlier than usual (4:50am) and was out the door at about 5:01. I was thinking about swimming over 1000 but hadn't decided for sure. During the swim I felt that it was hard to breathe on my right side; I'm not sure why, maybe just because I was thinking about it. For some reason I felt a bit slow in the water too but this also could have just been in my head. I was about 30 seconds slower on 1000 than I was on Tuesday and averaged 1 minute per lap on the last 250. As I think about it now I realize that getting hung up on my time like this is a waste of time. I mean if I had been 30 seconds slower per lap then I would wonder wtf was going on, but 30 seconds over 1000m - that's only 1.5 seconds slower per lap. So really I'm just whining and feeling bad about what was actually a good swim. Also, this was the first morning I have gone over 1000m so that's awesome. I might try to get out on a ride after work but we need to get up to FoMo to try the QR wetsuits and reserve them for NEXT WEEKEND!!! I suppose we could do it tomorrow but the sooner the better in my mind.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Morning Companion

Ran 4 mi loop w/ Jen
Total Time: 36:41
AP: 9:10

This morning Jen decided she would get up and join me for my run. Of course she continued on to do an additional 7 miles after I stopped but that's no surprise given that she is a running machine. I really enjoy running with her and I think we bring out the competitor in each other. This morning she commented that she really wants to be a faster runner; after she said that I found myself wishing I could cruise through 18, 20, and 22 mile training runs (not to mention marathons) with strong legs and a positive attitude like she does. Looks like we both have some goals for this next training season! This morning's run was great - it was a bit cooler than the last few days and there was a slight breeze which kept me from getting too hot or sweaty. We were planning on running a new loop I found but unfortunately Jen's GPS was on the fritz this morning so we ran the known loop instead.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Since I was out of the office yesterday I wasn't able to post my weekend or Monday morning workouts. Then yesterday I was done a bit early (at a conference for work) so I was able to get in a ride after work and then this morning I was up for my swim. So without further ado......................

Saturday solo bike ride - 26.9 mi
Total Time: 1:35:00
Avg mph: 16.9

Jen is back on the marathon training regimen so I was off for a solo ride on Saturday morning. Rode the Al-CC-Syc-FH loop but added some distance on the end by heading back up FH to Amador then over to the IH. Overall it was a good ride with some nice hills and some good flat stretches to get in a good groove. About 2/3 of my way through the ride I was going down what I perceived to be a downhill stretch but my bike seemed sloooooooooooooooow - I stopped twice and checked the tires, they seemed ok but I knew that something was off. Fortunately my ride took me by the LBS and I stopped to ask them about a small slit in my tire (small and nothing to worry about it turns out) and also to have them check my tires and put in some air if needed. Well, it turns out both tires were low and the back one was about 30lbs under inflated!! Once the air was back in the tires the bike felt good so I decided to add a little extra onto the end of the ride.

Monday am solo run - loop - 4 mi
Total Time: 30:42
AP: 7:42

Up early for the Monday morning run and feeling a bit better now that I am used to getting up at 5am. The bad thing about that is now my eyes pop open around that time on Saturday and Sunday mornings too; fortunately I am still able to smile and fall right back asleep (until 7:30 or 8). The weather was great for running - mid 50's with a small wind to keep me cool. I tried to keep a strong pace but didn't want to run really hard so it was a balancing act the whole time. I was hoping to come in around 8 or a little under so my AP was great. No pains or problems (on the last two morning runs I had a bit of a shoulder ache one day and a side cramp on the other).

Monday pm - bike ride - 25 mi
Total Time: 1:23:35
Avg mph: 17.8

I was heading out of the city early yesterday thanks to a work related conference and I was excited to get in a few extra miles with the additional sun time I had. Jen was kind enough to pick me up at the train station before heading out for her run so I was home, dressed, and out the door quickly. I really didn't know exactly where I wanted to ride or how far so I just set out to see where I would go. I ended up doing the same loop as Saturday except for the end (I doubled back to do some extra riding after my tires were filled). It was a nice ride and the temp was perfect, nice and sunny with little wind, prob. in the high 70's. I felt stronger on the hills and thought to myself that it always seems that I feel stronger in the afternoon when compared to the morning. I kept a strong pace through the hills and was excited to hit the downhill stretches now that my tires were filled. When I reached the section of road where I thought I had a flat on Saturday I thought the same thing again! I decided it must be the pavement, maybe since it's sort of rough (surface wise, not bump wise) like sandpaper it slows the bike down a bit. Once I was off that surface I felt good again and was cruising along (I was riding the rough surface around 21/22 mph) at about 24/25 mph. My right leg started bothering me on the side right down the middle so I just kept a nice easy spin for the remainder of the ride. I stretched good at the end and am happy to say that this morning it was not bothering me at all.

Tuesday am swim at 24hr - 1000 m
Total Time: 19:09

Had my own lane this morning which is always nice; I don't mind sharing but I also don't mind having my own lane to cruise in. I felt good today and I don't think I had any laps go over one minute (typically I have one or two that go over one minute). I set the alarm for 4:55 am instead of 5 am and that gave me a few extra minutes to steam - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nothing beats an early morning post swim steam - ok, a nice steam after a hard day of skiing is hard to beat but unfortunately the 25 minute drive home from the ski hill is a thing of the past; now it's a 3.5 hour drive home in traffic and by the time you get home you aren't even cold anymore. Anyway, I digress - this morning's swim was great and I was surprised that my legs didn't really feel heavy like they have the last couple of weeks.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhh - Recovery

Thursday pm bike w/ Jen - 6.9mi
Total Time: 31:38
Avg mph: 13.1

Jen and I went for a ride yesterday after work on the ole Iron Horse. I didn't ride (Name not yet chosen) since he/she was having shifting issues but thankfully I still have my old Trek 7.3Fx so I took that out. When I grabbed the bike I noticed that the front brake was rubbing on the rim so I played around with it for a bit. Finally got it to where it was not rubbing but then the brake was really loose - I decided it was fine for the ride and we took off. Typical headwinds on the trail but at about the three mile mark we turned off the trail and rode back through the neighborhood, sort of a choose your own adventure type of thing. It was a nice ride and a nice pace - but I miss (Name not yet chosen) and will be getting him/her to the shop today hopefully. This weekend I am going to play around with the break on the 7.3 and read about break adjustments. The ultegra components on the Madone are a bit different but I think that once I understand the basic adjustments I should be able to adjust those as well.

Friday am solo run - 4 mi
Total Time: 33:36
AP: 8:24

Up early for my run this morning - I was glad it was going to be a recovery run, this week has really worn me out. I think I am still getting used to the early morning workouts combined with after work workouts. I headed out and planned on running a nice comfortable pace and not push myself. Once the run was underway this proved to be an excellent idea. I felt good, wasn't sore, and my heart wasn't pounding like a drum. Now I can't take any of the credit for deciding to do a slower run today. My running mentor Jen has pointed out that the best way to get an injury is to go too hard and over train. Well with the Mission Bay Tri coming up in two weeks I definitely want to avoid any injuries so I took this advice to heart. I'm glad I have her keeping me in check.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Evening Ride; Morning Swim and Steam

Bike solo - Al to CC to FH - 15.2mi
Total Time: 50:57
Avg mph: 17.9

Was off work a bit early so I was able to get in 15 miles before it got too dark. I have a feeling that post-work rides are coming to an end until next April. It was a good ride but my chain was making a bit of noise and I had trouble shifting in one of the gears (RD) - not sure what is causing it but I am going to try to get it in the shop today or tomorrow to get it fixed before my long ride this weekend. I also focused on being one with the bike and tried to think of the pedals as an extension of my body instead of something that I am pushing on to move the bike. I kept thinking there is no me and the bike - when I am riding I am the bike and the bike is me. This also helped me relax my upper back and shoulders - not sure why, maybe it was just because I was more relaxed in general.

Morning Swim - 750m
Total Time: 14:26

Up early for a swim - I wasn't as quick to get out of bed as usual, maybe because my "sleeping in" day, (up at 6am instead of 5) which was supposed to be yesterday, turned into a running day. Once I was in the water I woke up a bit but my legs did feel heavy. About halfway through I really focused on keeping a long body and that helped me feel more streamlined in the water instead of feeling like my lower back was sinking. I think part of this was a lack of buoy pushing on my part as well. I ended at 750 and headed into the steam room (which was filling up with steam right as I walked in) for a few minutes of stretching and warmth.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Morning Run on the Off Day

Wed am run - 4 mi
Total Time: 30:02
AP: 7:31

Ran the loop this morning since tonight will be a bike ride to cover yesterday's missed ride. I decided to stay home yesterday after work instead of riding and I was anxious and felt bad about missing which I took as a good sign (I used to not care at all if I missed a workout). Today there was a cool wind blowing and it was right on the border of becoming a headwind but it never got that bad. About mile two a side cramp set in and it took a while for it to go away. I was really looking forward to the two places I have to stop to wait for a light and I took full advantage of the crossing, walking all the way. Overall it was a good run.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday - and Tuesday am

Monday am run solo - 4 mi
Total Time: 31:10
AP: 7:47

Was up at 5am for my run and was pleased when I walked out into some cool weather. It must have been in the mid 50's and there was a very light breeze to cool my head when I took my hat off. It was Jen's birthday so she was sleeping peacefully and planning on getting up for her run around 9am. During my run I decided that it was a wonderful day for a sick day so when I got back home I sent an e-mail to work and climbed back in bed with Jen. It was a wonderful way to start out the week.

Tuesday am swim - 1000 y/m
Total Time: 19:10

I had an off site meeting for work today but I was still up at 5 to head up to the gym for a swim. The nice thing about this was that I would have some extra time to sit in the steam room after my swim to relax and enjoy the heat. The swim was good; I felt relaxed pretty much the whole time and kept a nice steady pace on my laps. I am going to try to get out for an OWS this weekend since I have not been in open water since the Tri For Fun at the end of August.

On a side note I am getting excited for the Mission Bay Tri which is fast approaching. I know I am ready for it but getting in a couple more OWS would be nice just so I am back in the sighting groove. I don't really have any specific goals for the race, just to do my best and finish strong.

Saturday Bike and Weekly Totals

Sat bike ride w/ Jen - 13.16 miles
Total Time: 1:00:00
Avg mph: 13.16

We threw our bikes on the car on Saturday and headed up to Walnut Creek to get a ride in. We did a nice relaxed ride on the IH and some of the roads heading up to Mt. Diablo. When we decided to turn around I made the turn in the road and for some reason decided that I was going to stop really quick - well stop I did, right into the ground! Frick! I couldn't believe I fell again! I was more worried about my bike than the gash on my ankle that had re-opened. So Sunday afternoon I spent some time on my bike inside in the door jam. I would start tipping over then try to pull my foot in time to prevent a fall. It worked pretty well but I think it would be best if I could set up between two couches or something since the door jam is not that wide.

Weekly Totals:

Total Run - 5.75 miles
Total Bike - 63.46
Total Swim - 1800 y/m

Friday, September 7, 2007

Quick pm Spin and Mid-Run Acrobatics

PM Bike w/ Jen - 8 miles
Total Time: 33:25
Avg mph: 14.4
Post Run Short Brick: .5 mi - 3:35 - 7:10 AP

Last night after work we took off on our bikes for a quick spin before darkness arrived. I knew we would have enough time since we were on the road by 6:30; my main concern was with my sunglasses. They are good for a while after the sun sets but eventually I need to take them off. If I take them off then my contacts dry out and I have to stop and put in drops. Basically I need to keep an eye out for a pair of clear wrap around glasses to wear in the evenings. Anyway, we spent most of the ride on the road and off the IH which is good for Jen since it is helping to build her confidence on the bike.

Once we were done with the ride we did a quick brick run to keep our legs used to the off the bike on your feet feeling. My legs felt good and didn't feel very heavy and I took that as a sign that they may be getting stronger (at least my biking muscles).

Friday am run w/ Jen - 5.25 mi
Total Time: 47:06
AP: 8:58

We were up at 5:05 and out the door by 5:14 - Jen was planning on running a Birthday Half Marathon so she was up early to join me which always makes the run a lot more enjoyable. We kept a nice steady pace through the run and were chatting away off and on. Well at about 3.5 mi I moved over behind Jen to avoid some bushes and the next thing I knew she was flying through the air then landing on her side and performing a commando roll before coming to a stop in a sitting position. She stood up and we checked her ankles, knees, wrists, and hands for any sprains or breaks; thankfully she was only scraped up a bit. Her hands took the brunt of the fall and when we stopped under a light a half a mile later she still had a bb sized rock stuck in her hand. She pulled it out and we checked the rest of her over once more, wiped the dirt off her arm and hands, then started back up to finish the run. I finished up my run at 5.25 mi and Jen continued on; I'm glad to report she finished the Birthday Half Marathon without any additional problems (unless kicking ass is a problem).

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sandpaper Face is a Real Thing!

Swam 1050 y/m
Total Time: 20:18

Was up at 5:05 this morning to head up to the gym for a swim. I had to share a lane today so as I stood on deck I got a bit cold which made the water seem warmer than it did on Tuesday. I was letting my mind wander and the laps were clicking by, pretty soon I was at 750 and decided to do 1000. Well I thought I was starting lap 20 at the end but it turned out to be 21 so that's where the extra 50 came from.

Jen has always told me that my face feels like sandpaper for a couple of days after I shave and my beard starts coming in. I knew this was true since nothing makes a better itch scratcher than a new beard; however, I had no idea that it could cause pain and irritation. Today when I got home after my swim I noticed what appeared to be a rash on my shoulder - I thought it was strange but didn't think much else until I put some lotion on it and it burned. Right then I realized it was from my beard scraping my shoulder when I would breathe. I remembered feeling it during the swim but forgot about it right away after I was done.

I also found out today that Forward Motion Sports rents wetsuits and their location is much more convenient for us since they are in the East Bay. We were going to rent them from Sports Basement in SF but now we might end up renting them at FM since pickup and drop off will be much easier.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday Evening Ride

Bike 14.3 miles solo after work - Al to Noris to FH
Total Time: 49:26
Avg mph: 17.3

Took off for a solo ride last night after work at around 6:50 and got home right as it was getting dark. I was surprised when I saw the sun halfway behind a hill and it was only 6:52! Seems like the day is rapidly getting shorter and I know soon it will be dark when I get to work and dark when I leave. Guess I need to get in as many rides as I can between now and then. I don't mind running in the dark but I have a feeling that riding in the dark is a different story all together. Before leaving for my ride I went to fill up my tire (the one I replaced on Monday) but right away I realized that we didn't have a Presta adapter for our floor pump so I gave my tire a good 100 pumps with my pocket rocket and decided it pretty much felt like the front tire. There was a bit of a headwind during the ride and it was nice to be able to use my drops - I noticed that it really does make a difference when you get in an aero position. Oh yeah - no flats on this ride either!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Super Awesome Wife Weekend

Well before I get into the details of what turned out to be a great Labor Day weekend some praise is due to Mrs. CAthlete who proved once again this weekend that I sure lucked out when she decided that I was her one and only. Allow me to explain. On Saturday we spent a majority of the day up at Del Valle (more to come on that later) and then at Jen's suggestion we stopped by our LBS to look at the end of season sales. I had been over at the other shop near our apartment on Friday and noticed that there were some great deals on road bikes. I didn't see anything in my size but seeing the deals was encouraging. So on Saturday we stopped by the store in Livermore but I was a bit discouraged because the only thing in my size (60 cm) was a Madone 5.0 and it was clearly out of my price range. I spoke with the owner for a while and he answered all of my questions about the bike and did a great job explaining everything. The whole time I kept looking at Jen waiting for the "well that bike is too expensive" look - AND IT NEVER CAME. Well I convinced myself that she was just being nice and waiting until we left the store but after getting fit for the bike and riding it around a bit I still hadn't received the look! We left the store and the first thing out of Jen's mouth was "Well, this probably isn't what you were expecting, but I think you should get that bike". EXCUSE ME? HUH! I SHOULD DO WHAT NOW?!?!??!?! - Needless to say I felt like I was falling in love with this wonderful woman all over again. This one small event that was taking place after a series of events was making a huge impact on my way of thinking - I needed to make my wife feel extra special more often, I needed to appreciate what I had, I needed to be thankful for all the little things that are easy to take for granted, I needed to be happy that I am able to get up early in the morning to work out, and I needed to stop worrying about little things that I can't do anything about anyway. The closure of the Bay Bridge led to Jen changing our plans for Saturday, which led to our being at Del Valle, which led to the suggestion that we stop by the bike store, which led to my new bike, which led to my realizations.

Saturday - Rented a canoe with Jen at Del Valle
Total Canoe Time: 2.5 Hours

Saturday morning we got up, got some breakfast, stocked up on lunch supplies for the cooler, then headed up to Del Valle to rent a canoe and have a fun day. We were up there fairly early and there were no crowds to speak of. We were able to get a canoe and we headed out on the reservoir at around 10am. We didn't bring our lunch with us but we did bring some snacks so after we reached the end of the reservoir we stopped in a nice shady spot and had our snack and Jen swam for a bit. I had forgotten how much fun canoeing is and we both had a really fun time - this was something we decided we needed to do more often. Once we were back at the docks we turned in our canoe and headed over to have our lunch. Sandwiches and beer - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - we hung out for a bit and relaxed before heading back towards town and the bike store. That evening we rode our bikes over to the Sports Bar for dinner and drinks.

Sunday - NEW BIKE, NEW BIKE, NEW BIKE, NEW BIKE, NEW BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madone 5.0 - ultegra components - bontrager race lite tires - one happy happy man

Sunday was supposed to be day two of our weekend of fun hiking and events but instead it was to be the day of the new bike purchase or as I like to call it - The Day of the Super Wife. Jen had been looking forward to our big hike weekend for quite a while and now my bike purchase was screwing up those plans. She was being a good sport about the whole thing but I could tell that she was disappointed that the day was not going according to plan. My day was a mix of emotions - I was elated about the new bike but at the same time felt bad that it had upset our plans. Nothing gets me down quite like a bummed out or upset Mrs. CAthlete so needless to say I was in a strange emotional state.

Monday Bike 28 miles solo
Total Time: 1:49:35
Avg MPH: 15.4

First ride on the new bike - I headed out around 7:45 on Monday morning for my first ride on the new bike. It is one smooth cruising machine - I was able to cruise along at 19 or 20 mph at what seemed to be an easy effort. I saw a few other bikers out riding and rode with another guy for a bit (well, I passed him and he rode behind me for a while). About a third of the way through the ride I got my first flat tire; fortunately Jen had suggested I ask the guy at the bike shop to show me how to change a tire the day before so I actually knew what I was doing. I had it changed in about 20 minutes and was back on my way. About 100 feet down the road I wasn't sure if my computer was working or not so I stopped and checked it out for a second - it seemed to be working so I started up again but slowly. For some reason I turned to the left and realized I did not have enough speed to make the turn - then slowly, ever so slowly, I started to fall. Although it happened in a matter of seconds to me it seemed like I could have eaten lunch on the way down. I remember thinking - oh shit! This is happening - this is happening to meeeee! I should move my right foot all the way over to catch me, nope that won't work, oh well, here comes the ground - WHAM. I made the mistake of trying to reach out to catch myself instead of just absorbing it with my shoulder so my hand and wrist hurt for a few minutes after the fall; thankfully all I ended up with was a sore hip bone and a bit of a bruise (on my hip and mentally). The remainder of the ride went well, no more flats or falls, and I got home just in time to meet up with Jen and Maritza before going to breakfast. The bike ride was awesome and the new bike is great - the only thing I thought was a bit strange was my average mph - I thought I had been going a bit faster than that the whole time but I am new to the computer and maybe just need to get used to the way it tracks your time/pace/etc. I'll be sure to take it on a ride with Jen and her Garmin to check the accuracy of the distance and mph.

We ended the day with a nice ride up at the Sunol Regional Wilderness - it was nice to get out and do something together to end the day.

Tuesday Morning Swim
Total Distance: 750 y/m
Time: 14:34

Alarm went off at 5am today and I was up and out the door at 5:07 - my shorts, shirt, shoes, and pack were waiting by the door which makes the sleep to up and at 'em transition much much easier. I was up to the gym and in the water at 5:25 and got in a good 750 leaving me with about 7 minutes for the steam room.

So now we begin a nice short work week and we are headed into Birthday weekend (Jen is turning another year wiser and more beautiful) which should be a lot of fun.