Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Swim Week (for me) and Some New Toys

Totals for last week:

9,100 yards swim
34.5 mi bike
21.5 mi run

Another week in the books and only two weeks until my next race. I'm hoping to add at least one more tri this summer/fall but I'm not too hung up on it since I will be starting a run focused program to build up to CIM in December. I have a half marathon coming up in July then another one in the fall; throw in a couple 5k's and my schedule will be pretty full.

While everything is full steam ahead on the training front things on the work front are stagnant. I think I've finally come to realize that while I enjoyed the concepts I learned and the work I did in my finance and accounting classes in college, the real world application is pretty freakin BORING. Of course there are plenty of positives to the job I currently have; good hours, close to home so I can ride my bike to work, flexible, and my co-workers are pretty cool. What I notice is missing from that list is exciting work or something along the lines of how I enjoy going into work to find a new challenge or work on a new project. There are plenty of challenges at my current job but none of them are exciting to me. I could go on and on about all of this but I think the jist is that I'm not going to do anything radical and quit but I am going to start looking for something that sounds interesting in a different field - what that will be is still sort of a mystery.

Oh yeah, new toys - last week I picked up a pair of Zoomers Swim Fins which I love. I am now longer struggling to kick 25 yards for every 50 that other people are doing (well, maybe it's not that bad but it sure feels like it). This weekend I picked up a pair of Paddles which have both wrist and finger straps. The ones I was using at masters just had a strap for my middle finger and my fingers would be really sore after using them for just a few hundred yards. I haven't had a chance to use them yet so I'm hoping for some pull drills this week.

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Judi said...

I think big guys have a problem kicking w/o the fins. A guy in the masters class I swam with had the same problem. He didn't go anywhere when he kicked w/o fins. Or zoomers or whatever you call them.

I still kinna think it's cheating to use them, but o-well. I hear you are fast a shit anyways. :)