Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Bike and the New View

First the runs from this week:

Monday - 4 miles tempo with Jen - 7:49 AP
Tuesday - short bike ride after work
Wednesday - 8 miles solo (Jen rode her bike along with me) - 7:47 AP

My heel is feeling a bit better - I've been rolling a frozen water bottle under my foot in the evenings and have been rolling a bouncy ball under my foot at work to massage my arch. So far I think it is helping. Today on the run I had a pain in my left hamstring for the whole run; I stretched out really well after the run and am planning on rolling it out on the foam roller in a bit.

Last week we bought new mountain bikes and have been riding them around. On Sunday we rode up in Forest Park and got caught out in a big rainstorm. We were soaked by the time we got home but had a GREAT time riding in the mud and rain. Unfortunately my phone was completely drenched and it is now resting in the phone booth in the sky.

Here I am on my new bike:

My new job has been great so far. This week I have just been reading and getting up to speed on the industry and trying to help out where I can. Here are a couple of pictures of my view from where I sit:

Downtown Portland:

The Pearl District w/ the Rose Garden in the foreground. The Red Bridge is the Broadway Bridge:


Anonymous said...

Great report, nice bike & good views from your desk.
Hope your heel heals fast.
Dragonfly on the Water...

Tristram Wood said...

Hey Zach, thanks for the post. Yeah, things are going ok at this point- I have been not running for three weeks- driving me nuts- but I have gone for some rides. I rationalize that I was planning to ramp down during September anyway. Not sure if it is PF, but it has gotten better, just not better fast enough. I should keep icing it- I've been lazy lately. Good to hear the new job is going well, and those are some fresh bikes! Don't read rroof's post on ST about his buddy and the stick, though- you might trade your ride it! Catch up later-