Thursday, April 9, 2009

People on the Track go Round and Round

After the race on Sunday I took Monday completely off and slept in then kicked back after work and enjoyed the nice weather. I've had a pretty good week so far and have been able to get in all my workouts even though a couple were changed around.

Tuesday morning I was up and on the trainer for an hour before work; I got in the big ring for a while but still tried to keep it pretty easy as I'm just starting to build a good bike base. That evening I was out at the pool for pm masters where I had a solid swim getting in 2,600 yards in the hour I was there.

Wednesday I decided to switch the schedule around and instead of running in the morning and swimming at night I decided to go to the track workout with Jen and Emily. Since it was my first track workout since, I dunno, 1995, I decided that I would just do a shortened version of Emily's workout. After a warm up mile and some drills to get our legs warmed up we headed out:

Warm up mile: 8:20
1200m: 4:30 (6:00 pace)
3:00 rest
400m: 1:08 (4:32 pace)
3:00 rest
1200m: 4:31 (6:00 pace)
3:00 rest
400m: 1:12 (4:48 pace)
3:00 rest
Two miles cool down: 16:27

Since I was supposed to swim Wednesday night I pushed that back to tonight which worked out great. I had a good break through at practice and really felt like my stroke was coming together. Granted it was only in little spurts but I could really feel when it felt right so now I know what to shoot for whenever I'm in the pool. This morning I was up for a trainer ride. I was supposed to ride for 1:45:00 but I ended up doing 1:20:00 - oh well, I wasn't too broken up over it.

Looks like rain in Portland this weekend which is a total surprise. I mean rain in Portland in April; whoda thunk it. Certainly not me.


Emily said...

I didn't realize how fast you did those intervals! Nice work. The few times that I could see you in front of me you looked really comfortable. Was it hard?

jen said...

Good God, man! That is insane. I agree you looked totally breezy. You guys both did. Amazing!!

the gazelle said...

Awesome intervals! Your 1200s are the same as my 800s :)

Sounds like a great workout week!

aron said...

wow those were some SPEEDY intervals!! awesome job :)

Mike G said...

A 68 second 400 is fast indeed. I've only managed 75 seconds lately. I will have to make a special effort to see if I can hit 68 - it will probably hurt though...

Marathon Maritza said...

4:32 pace?


*bows down in 'we're not worthy' fashion*

the gazelle said...

happy birthday! I'm looking forward to helping you celebrate tomorrow. :)

Alisa said...


See you tomorrow for celebration!

KK said...

Happy Birthday, Zach (it's katie from Colorado, remember me and my sister? We were the ones who were so shitfaced when we met you guys at Henry's that I'm sure you were questioning why you ever agreed to hang out with us...) Anyway, just read Jen's post and thought I'd stop by and wish you a happy 30th. Oh and to tell you she's got semi nude photos of you on her site. :)

Hope you have a great day!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday. (Sorry I read Jen's blog.)