Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blue Lake Sprint Race Report

This weekend was my first race of the season and it went well. I was happy with my performance in all areas but it also made me realize that I have some work to do in the bike and the swim.

We arrived at Blue Lake around 6:45 and after a quick stop for body marking we made our way into transition to set up. After putting everything in its place I made a quick bathroom stop then put on my wetsuit and headed down to the water to get in a warm up swim before my wave started.

There were 95 guys starting in my wave and since it was a water start I found a spot to float towards the front and a bit off to the side. I adjusted my goggles, got ready to start my watch, then 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and we were off! The first few seconds were madness as they usually are and for the first time in a race I had my goggles knocked off my face. I calmly lifted my head out of the water, put my goggles back over my eyes, and started swimming again; I don't think I even had time to think about what had happened until later on in the swim. After rounding the first buoy I settled into a groove and was able to get on some feet for a while; also another first for me in a race. By the time we came around the last buoy I was towards the middle-front of the pack (maybe 25th or 26th) and I pushed hard for shore.

Swim time: 14:17 (I have a feeling it was a bit long, but what can you do?)
Overall swim: 95th of 628

I ran up into transition, peeled my suit off, threw on my bike necessities, ran to the mount line and headed out on the road.

T1: 2:30

Since I was in the first wave there wasn't too much passing taking place on the bike. I did pass a couple guys and was passed three or four times (a couple of those were by guys in their 40's that came blowing past me). There was a bit of a headwind on the way out but nothing too bad and from the glances I took at my computer I seemed to be averaging around 20 mph for most of the ride. Looking back on this portion of the race I really realized that I need to focus more on the bike this year and keep up on the riding throughout the off season to get stronger. I pretty much stopped riding last August and didn't start again until this April and although I rode faster than I have in any other races I still felt like I could be riding even faster. All in all I rode as hard as I thought I could and I was happy with the result.

Bike: 35:49 (20.1 mph)
Overall bike: 144th of 628

When I was running back into T2 I was feeling it a bit in my legs but what really hurt was my ass - I forgot how stingy the padding in tri shorts is compared to bike shorts. Anyway, bike gear off, run gear on, hit the road.

T2: 1:38

My plan for the run was to start out strong but not push too hard for the first mile then start picking up steam in mile two and go for it in the last mile. I have to say I am happy with my run time which turned out to be my second fastest 5k (only my stand alone time is faster). My legs felt great the whole time and aside from my right shoe feeling a bit loose (first time in quick laces in a while) I didn't have any problems. I passed four people on the run and was passed once but I got back ahead of him in the last 100 feet of the race.

Run: 21:16 (6:51 AP)
Overall run: 28th of 628

Total Time: 1:15:30
8th of 32 in males 30-34
45th of 628 overall

Next up, Hagg Lake Olympic in July - a nice hilly course that will prepare me for the hilly Lake Stevens course in July.

(Happy with our great day! Jen was 9th in her AG and she had an awesome race)


inga said...

Congrats on the first tri of the season! You guys did awesome - Nice picture too!

jen said...

SWEET. You did great. Especially on the run- amazing!! What a fun day. Congrats. :)

the gazelle said...

congrats on the awesome tri-! I'm excited to come spectate at the next one. They're so much fun to watch.

Alisa said...

Great job! Wow look at that 5k...holy crap that's fast especially considering you did a swim and bike before the run.

Can't wait to see more pictures...I hope Jen posts some!

I love reading the Tri training and race reports, makes me excited about actually finding one for myself and going for it.

Kim said...

you and jen are such a power couple! way to dominate every leg of the race - super great run time! dang your age group must have been uber competitive?! congrats!!!!

Emily said...

You did awesome! I can't believe how fast your run was compared to just your solo 5k times. Nice work!

Dragonfly on the Water said...

Awesome on your placement in your new age group, way to go! Sounds like you both had a fun race. Stay strong & smiling.

aron said...

CONGRATS on an awesome first tri of the season!!!

Sarah said...

Dude - you guys are perfect for each other! So speedy and fun :)

Although, if my goggles got knocked off, I might have quit right then out of panic.

Steven said...

Excellent job out there!

Tara said...

great job kicking butt!!!! especially in the 5K!!! Congrats :)

Marathon Maritza said...

NICE!!! What speedy run time after all the other stuff!!

Way to kick some bootay! Can't wait to hear how the next (hilly) ones go! Keep it up! See you next week!!!!

sue said...