Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That Old Familiar Feeling

While most of you are probably in the midst of training for some upcoming event - Jen, Kim, Aron, and Sarah just to name a few - I find myself in the no mans land of the off season. I am signed up to do a trail half marathon next weekend but I've been thinking of that as something fun to do and not really a "race" so I find myself drifting in the land of "I don't really have to do any specific workout". Fortunately I am Jen's training partner/coach/assistant for her IMAZ training so I will be doing some long bike rides in the next few weeks which are always a lot of fun.

Since my HIM and the Hood to Coast relay I have been sort of floating along not really doing much and getting all stressed out about it. After talking it over with Jen I decided that I would keep up on my swimming and biking with her but would shift my running focus to setting a new 5k PR with my goal race being the Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5k in San Diego. I'm going to run the Run Like Hell 5k in October to see what the ole legs have in them then figure out what a realistic goal is for San Diego. My previous PR of 20:30 was set in 2007 and I think that I have a good chance of going sub 20 if I put some effort into it.

At first I was stressed out about not really doing anything but once I came to terms with the fact that a little down time never really hurt anyone I realized that I should take advantage of not having to do any specific workouts this week. The timing has actually been pretty good since I've been really busy at work and instead of trying to get out the door right at 4:00 I don't mind sticking around a bit late to finish up what I am working on. Starting next week I'm also going to start going to the gym more often to lift weights and do some core work (and sit in the steam room).

Since I really don't have much to report I'll finish up with some pictures from the last couple of weeks:

Two legs down at Hood to Coast one to go:

The pile of wood I chopped for my parents - notice how you can see the fence in this picture; you will see it slowly disappear:
Making progress:
Almost done:
Two cords chopped and stacked - the folks will be warm this winter:
This shot gives you an idea of how tall the stacks were - and it was two rows deep!
I hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer - before you know it the sun will be rising after you are at work and setting before you get off.


Dragonfly on the Water said...

Warm & toasty! Your plan looks good for the upcoming Fall Season. Relax & have fun.

Alisa said...

Wow that wood pile is impressive!

I think it's awesome that you're so supportive of Jen and her training, it reminds me a lot of Justin =). Jen and I are lucky gals!

I think you totally have it in you to SMASH that 5k PR. At least SD at Thanksgiving probably won't be raining =).