Friday, June 6, 2008

Showdown This Weekend

This weekend is the Showdown at Sundown up in San Pablo Bay. I'm looking forward to the race but will once again be a bit nervous about swimming in the ocean. The swim is a short 1/4 mile followed by a nine mile ride and a three mile run. The race starts at 5pm and the weather is supposed to be in the 80's - it will be different to start in the warm part of the day instead of the cool crisp morning.

Even with working late a couple nights this week I've been able to get in a good workout every day:

Monday - Swam 3,100y at Masters in pm
Tuesday - Ran 6 miles in am - 47:06 - 7:51 AP
Wednesday - Rode 14 miles in the am - 17.5 mph avg
Thursday - Ran 6 miles in am - 46:00 - 7:40 AP == Swam 3,100y at Masters in pm
Friday - I might go for a short run this evening to try out these elastic laces in my shoes to make sure they will work for the tri this weekend. I hope they workout because tying shoes in T2 sucks.

I really haven't thought too much about goals for the race this weekend but I do have an idea of what I will be shooting for. Of course my overall goal is to have fun and not get a flat on the bike leg.

A Goal: 6:00 swim; 19mph avg on bike; 20:00 run
B Goal: 7:00 swim; 18mph avg on bike; 20:30 run
C Goal: 7:30 swim; 17mph avg on bike; 21:00 run

I'm not really sure what the bike course will be like but I think it is small rolling hills. Hopefully I can get into a good groove but that just depends on how "rolling" the hills actually are. No matter what I'm sure it will be a fun race and I am looking forward to it. This will also be Jen's first race of the year and her Mom will be in town to watch and cheer us on as well.

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Paul said...

Good luck this weekend!