Friday, June 27, 2008

Smoke, What Smoke?

Oh, That Smoke

So it's been a bit hazy here in the Bay Area for the past week due to the fires in Northern California. Of course the warnings are out about the health consequences of exercising with the smoke in the air, but come one, can it really be that bad? I mean I used to smoke close to a pack a day (maybe two packs on bar nights) when I was in college (ahhhhhh Camel Lights, I miss you so); can this smoke really be as bad as that? I don't really know the answer but I tell myself no because I'm going to be out running or biking in it anyway.

The only thing that I really missed this week was one day of Masters; instead of swimming I did a home lift which of course is not as good as swimming but at least I did something.

Monday - Ran 6 miles w/ 4 at tempo (tempo averaged around 7:15ish)
Tuesday - Rode 14 miles in the morning w/ Jen, swam 2,600 yards at Masters after work
Wednesday - Ran 8 miles in the morning, AP 8:13
Thursday - Rode 30 miles after work with Jen
Friday - Ran 4 miles in the morning, AP 8:00

Tomorrow I have my last long run before The Jungle Run which is on the 13th. Next Friday I'm planning on running a 5k then heading to some BBQ's for some drinking and eating.

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Donald said...

The smoke is getting crazy down here, too - the other day I could smell it even during my swim workout!

Hope everyone stays safe.