Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Penultimate Post of the Year?

Finally back outside running after Winter Storm 2008 swept through Portland on December 14th. I ran three miles on the treadmill once and that was enough for me. Luckily this storm corresponded well with my time off after the marathon so I wasn't too worried about running anyway.

The storm started pretty small but the snow was coming down steady:

Walking to Starbucks on Sunday:

Willamette River:

Walking to work in the first heavy snow:

Busses stuck on 12/22/08:

MLK Jr. Blvd - 12/23/2008:

Side street near the Rose Garden - 12/23/08:

Tuesday December 23 - Usually these three parking lots are full of cars and there are at least some cars driving on the street, today no cars in sight: Max Line shut down due to the ice and snow:
Out for a walk downtown:
Verifying that the Magic is indeed in the Hole:
(it is)

Pig Pink:

I finished off the weekend with a round of Kitty Dentistry - he handled it well:

It helps that the toothpaste is chicken flavor:

Recent workouts:

Sunday - ran four miles @ 8:52AP
Monday - Weights in the morning, ran four miles in 30:48 - first two miles 16:34, second two miles 14:14
Tuesday - rode the trainer for 40 minutes (still need to put my speedometer on the back tire

Getting up early to workout is about as fun as it sounds - the getting up part at least. Once I'm done I feel pretty good, and I really do need to get used to it sometime.

Jen put a complete schedule of this year's races on her blog, the only differences are that I am not doing the half marathon in January, and might run the half marathon instead of the 5k at Race for the Roses, and I'm not quite as crazy as Jen so although I will be at IMAZ it will be in spectator/family coordinator/photographer/coffee drinker role.


goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Anonymous said...

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.
Abraham Lincoln
Looking back over your BLOG for 2008, you've really had a phenomenal year.
"Think it, do it & be it" in 2009.

Emily said...

My goal for 2009 is to use the word penultimate more often.

And to fun more/faster.

I just realized that we don't have much Jim Beam left so you may want to bring some tonight! I know you like your whiskey!

aron said...

yay so that means you are running eugene half too :) ???

great pics!! and great job getting back into running!

jen said...

I like the pictures of Smegol getting his teeth brushed. :) happy new year sweetie!

Tristram Wood said...

Hey Zach- Great job on the Mary, and glad to hear your year finished up so well. I will be continuing to update my slog-blog as I press through the 100/100- (I did my first double today). Just got back from skiing with my kids in Maine. Who woulda thought 9 months ago lying in bed would lead to this! Have a great 09! --Tris

Alisa said...

Look at all that snow. Dang! So sorry I missed it and escaped to warmer weather, NOT! The first two days in Cali were cold and rainy but then mid 60's and one 70 degree day....ahhhhh.

Great race line up for you too! I'll need advice on choosing a sprint tri for the summer, I'd really like to do one.

Inga said...

I have too many comments about this post...

1. Isn't that the toothbrush Jen tried to give me last year??
2. Your poor NYC jacket - all covered in snow!
3. Nice VooDoo Donut sign!! Did you get the one with Bacon?
4. I'm glad when I got out when I did - that is a LOT of snow!!!

Have a great 2009!