Saturday, January 3, 2009

Muddy River

Turns out my previous post was the last of 2008 instead of second to last - oh well, what can you do?

Wednesday I got off work early and headed home to get in four miles before heading out to enjoy some drinks and dinner with some friends. I pushed it a bit on the run but tried not to run "too hard" - ended up with an AP of 7:45.
After we got home (Jen rode her bike along with me as I ran) we got ready and had a couple of drinks before walking over to our friend's place. I also baked some cookies to take with us:

Me trying to climb the blue route at the NYE party - turns out it wasn't that easy:

Climbing the much easier orange route:


The recent rains have really filled the river up with logs, logs, and more logs; as well as some tires and other crap:

Great Blue Heron enjoying a nice mid day nap:

Portland Fire Department removing log jams from the bridge supports:

Me and the cutie:

Today we got out for eight hilly miles which was a lot of fun but pretty tough - AP was 8:43, last mile 7:31.
Happy 2009!!!


Alisa said...

Fun times on New Years!

Look at how high the water level!

Emily said...

Awesome pics! Those cookies were friggin awesome.

Ange said...

Those cookie pictures are killin' me!!!
Great runs!
Happy New Year!!

Marathon Maritza said...

Happy new year!!!

Now I want some cookies...