Monday, February 23, 2009

Time Keeps on Slippin Slippin

Another week has come and gone and I'm now one week closer to my running goal race, the Eugene Half Marathon. I feel like the miles I have been putting in and the faster paces I have been running are starting to pay off; my easy pace is faster than it used to be and I feel like I can hold a faster pace for longer distances which I suppose is the whole point of training.

Last week I had some good runs and got my two trainer rides in during the week but only made it to the pool on Tuesday. Thursday I was planning on heading out after work but Jen was sick so I decided that good husbandry was more important than hitting up the pool. I stayed home and made dinner, did the dishes, and took care of the cutie so she could get better and get back out on the road with me.

Saturday I was out on the East Bank Esplanade for a 12 miler in the sun. The weather has been really nice here lately and it was great to be out enjoying the day with all the other runners, riders, and yes, even the walkers. When you head out for your run at 11:30 on a Saturday on a popular trail you've just got to expect that there will be a ton of other folks out enjoying the day and you've got to take it all in stride. I had to slow down a couple times to pass a couple groups but it wasn't that big of a deal and it wasn't like I was shooting for some type of training PR.

The push ups challenge is going pretty well - last week I decided to do week three over again and I think it was a good decision. Tonight (Monday) I started week four and felt better about the sets I had to do. At the end of this week I take a test to see how many I can do in a row - if it's over 40 I stay in the same level I'm in now, if not then I move down a level and keep on keepin on.

Weekly totals: Swim 1,950 yards -- Bike: 90 min on trainer -- Run: 28 miles -- Push Ups: 322


Kim said...

i love the steve miller lyric :) i dont know why i always feel the need to speed it up around other runners/walkers - as my coach said "you dont win training runs!" whatever, doesnt stop me!

aron said...

i read this this morning before i went running, then i had this song in my head :)

another great week!!! less than 10 weeks to eugene :)

jen said...

Thanks for taking care of me when I was sick. I should clarify that it wasn't just Thursday night, it was all week. :)

Great job not mowing down the amateurs. :P

Alisa said...

You always have such great song references in your titles.

Nice weekly totals!

See you tomorrow night!

Marathon Maritza said...

How come you don't have any brothers??

Great job on your workouts this week!!

Sarah said...

I think I need to start calling you Pre - just because of Eugene. That's it.