Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ready for Warmer Weather

Another week in the books, building up my miles and picking up the pace. I was able to get in all of my runs this week even though it was really cold on Monday and the last thing I wanted to do was head outside for a run. I decided to get my speed work for the week out of the way so I took off for three tempo miles. I work my tights, shorts, a long sleeve, and gloves and I was still cold for the first part of the run. The nice thing about my shorter runs is not having to wear my Garmin since I know where the 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 mile marks are on the route I usually run.

Monday - 3 miles in 20:51

Tuesday morning I was on the trainer in the morning for a 45 minute ride before work. As I have for the last couple of rides I watched an episode of Knight Rider and before I knew it the ride was over.

Wednesday morning I got up to do some strength training before work. This was the first day of the 100 push up challenge for me but I was planning on doing a sort of modified schedule. I was able to do 25 in the initial test so I could have started on week three but I figured I would give myself a couple days of week one then start on week two this Monday. After work I took off for a six mile run; it was a bit warmer (maybe 46) and lighter than it had been on Monday so it was a nice run. I felt heavy for the first three miles but on the return three I was able to get in a groove and felt much better.

Wednesday - 6 miles in 47:13 - 7:53 AP

Thursday morning was pretty much a repeat of Tuesday morning; trainer and Knight Rider. I thought about going swimming but decided that I have many weeks of swimming ahead of me and it would be nice to have one more evening of relaxing.

Friday was day two of the push ups challenge and a short run after work before happy hour. I took off right after work to get in four miles then ran up to our apartment and took a quick shower before heading out to meet Jen and some friends for some drinks.

Friday - Four miles in 31:27

Saturday morning we slept in and took our time around the house before heading out for our long run. This was Jen's first long run since last week's half marathon and it is a hilly run so we decided to do nine miles. Jen wanted to run a quick pace which was fine with me. When we got out to the trailhead it was in the mid-40's but felt pretty freakin cold in the shade (and most of the run is in the shade). We ran the first half together and then on the second half I ran ahead on a couple of the hills and also in the last two miles where I ran ahead to get some pictures.

Saturday - Nine miles in 1:09:40 - 7:45 AP

Here are some pics from the run and also one of the desserts I made this last week. Lemon Bars and Brownies, from scratch. They turned out really well - I could have eaten the whole pan but decided instead to share them with my co-workers.


Marathon Maritza said...

You know, Jen's lucky to have you for a number of reasons, I'm sure...but I'd have to put 'desser-making skillz' near the top of that list! ;)

Great runs! Hope you get some warm weather soon! Miss you guys!

aron said...

awesome job on all those workouts!! that saturday run looked amazing!

Sarah said...

Now I want a lemon bar. Yumm!

beth said...

GREAT training and GREAT pics. sounds like a solid week!

Tristram Wood said...

Hey Zach- Whats up with the 70.3! Going BIG! I almost pulled the trigger this fall, but I need another season before I contemplate the big boys (or bigger boys)...My images aren't loading, but when they get fixed I'll have some pics up- keep pushing! Your making my base runs look like sunday strolls!

Alisa said...

Mmmmm those brownies look delicious!

Great work! Everytime I'm in the pool (which this week was notta) I think of you and Jen and masters. It's motivating.

Now I just need to find a sprint Tri to try, haha that rhymes.