Friday, February 22, 2008

First Full Week in Quite a While

Wed – am Spin at 24hr.

Thurs – Ran 5mi in am
Total Time: 41:40
AP: 8:20

Fri – Swam in am at 24hr
1000m – 19:28

This was the first week in a long time where I worked out every day and it felt great. The hernia hasn’t been bothering me during my workouts which is good but that makes me wonder what the surgeon will say about it next week. I can still see the bulge when I look down but it’s not too big and it doesn’t hurt. I haven’t been messing around with it (flexing my stomach muscles to push it out, coughing to push it out, etc) but I can still “feel” it from time to time. Part of me wants to get it over and done with and another part of me wants it to not be bad enough to repair yet (so I can compete in the races I had planned on competing in); but like I said before, I would rather just get it done, recover, then get back to training instead of waiting and having it get bad right in the middle of the season.

When I was at spin class on Wednesday the instructor kept saying “tighten up those abs” and I kept thinking “no chance in hell”; overall the class went well and it was nice to be back. It was a full class when I got there but at around 6:30 people started leaving and the class was only about 2/3 full at the end. I think after a couple of weeks I might try to get to the 5am class but we will see how that pans out (sleeping in is nice after all).

Thursday’s run started a bit late but it wasn’t that big of a deal since I am now riding my bike to work and that saves me a good 20 minutes (I was previously walking). The sky was just starting to get light so I ran on the Iron Horse Trail instead of on the streets. It was very peaceful out there; lots of ducks, some egrets, and a hawk were the only living things I saw for the first three miles. The shins didn’t act up but I did start slow again (I think it was around 8:44) so hopefully if I don’t push it too hard to quickly I won’t have that problem again. The biking and swimming might also be helping since they both work my legs in a different manner than running.

Today I was at the gym around 6:15 and got in 1000m before hitting up the steam room. I’m starting to feel a bit stronger in the water again but I still have a few 50m that are over one minute. Next week I add a swim on Saturday after my run which will bring my weekly total up to 2750.

We are heading to Phoenix this weekend to visit some friends and family. If the weather is nice when we get home I might try to get out for a ride (it has been raining for the last couple of days and it’s supposed to continue through the weekend).

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Paul said...

Good luck with the hernia. A friend of mine who is a pro triathlete recently had hers operated on and made a quick and full recovery.