Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well - Shit

Well - I have a hernia. I went to the Dr. today and she said that I definitely have a hernia; she said that she would recommend surgery but since she's not a surgeon I am going to see one on Monday. She did say that it is not bad at this point so there is no rush to have it taken care of............doesn't she know that tri season is upon us!?!?! I wanted them to open me up today and get it over and done with!!

I asked about swimming, biking, and running and she said if it doesn't hurt then it's ok to do. I have a feeling that I will not be able to do the NAPA Tri in May but I guess that's the way it goes - I suppose since I was not counting on the prize money to pay my bills it's not that big of a deal.

Now I wonder when they will choose to do the surgery. Like I said my Dr. thinks it's probably best to get it done sooner rather than later but it just depends on how bad it actually is when it's checked out on Monday. It sounds like they can't really do anything if there is no hole in the abdominal wall other than wait and see what happens. I was told that it does not heal itself so eventually I will have to have it fixed. I suppose I could go the whole season without having to have it fixed but I really don't want to be out in the middle of a freakin lake or 30 miles from home on my bike when that baby blows.

I'm also entering a busy time at work and after discussing it with the others in my group the best time would either be next week or sometime in late March, but not too late because it's busy again in early April. Freakin quarterly close process! I think I did score some brownie points by asking when the surgery would be most convenient for my company which is cool.

Oh yeah - I ran this morning. No problems with the shin muscle but I did start out slow, I think my first mile was around 9:10. Total time 33:19 for an AP of 8:20. I had a few little pains in random places on my leg but nothing to really complain about. Tomorrow I think I will head up for a spin class then run on Thurs and swim again on Friday (I might flip flop those two) - I suppose I should get in as much training as I can at this point.

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jen said...

"I really don't want to be out in the middle of a freakin lake or 30 miles from home on my bike when that baby blows."

Ha ha, awesome. That would defintely suck. You'll get fixed up soon with plenty of summer/fall left for racing, don't worry! Glad you got it checked out though, I know you are not a fan of doctors and all that. Good job. :)