Monday, March 10, 2008

Slowly but Surely

Since my last post I have become much more mobile and am able to move around with little pain. I still have some discomfort toward the end of the day and sneezing or coughing still shoots pain through my side but other than that I am feeling much better. The first day I was able to stand up out of bed without any pain (still some discomfort) was last Thursday;I still can not sleep on my left side but hopefully that will change in a few days as well. I am still paranoid that the hernia will come back but that is more due to my memory of the pain of surgery and not because I think it will actually come back.

This weekend I walked five miles while Jen ran 20. My back was a bit sore toward the end because I still can't really engage my core but other than that I felt fine. My goal is to get on the stationary bike Wed evening and again on Friday then try swimming this weekend. If all goes will I will ramp up the swimming next week and ride the stationary bike a couple more times before heading out on the road to get in some miles. Next weekend I will try running and see how that goes. I am expecting a bit of discomfort but I can deal with that. The NAPA sprint is the first weekend of May and I am confident I can complete the course, my main focus will now be turning in a good time at Showdown in June.

I have signed up for a Half Marathon in July and am looking for another Tri or two right now. I think I will head back down to San Diego in September for the Mission Bay Tri but I'll have to see how that fits into my training for the trail marathon in October. Yep - I've committed to running a trail marathon with Jen in October. Since she is the running schedule master I'm going to see what she comes up with and then determine if it's possible to work swimming and biking around the running days.

Overall I am happy with the way I am healing up and am looking forward to getting back in the pool, on the bike, and in my running shoes. Well, looking forward to is a bit of an understatement - I CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT TO GET BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who sent me some positive thoughts during my recovery, much appreciated.


Inga said...

I am glad you are feeling better! Your report sounds a lot like Josh's experience... I know he was really sore afterward...and he didn't remember much after the anesthetic that first day either!

Happy Recovery! Yay for Jen and the fruit smoothies! That sounds delicious :)

Arcane said...

Good to see you're back on your feet.

Kim said...

yay for getting back on your feet, going for long walks and attempting to get on the bike and in the pool. you will be back to kicking ass in no time.