Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Glad to be Back in a Groove

Monday – ran five miles – 45:26 – 9:05 AP
Tuesday – swam 750m in the morning at the pool – 14:22 – rode the trainer for 45 minutes after work
Wednesday – swam 1000m in the morning at the pool – 18:43

I started the week with an easy Monday evening run on the Iron Horse Trail. My plan was to run four miles but Jen had five on her schedule so I tagged along with her. There was a bit of a breeze blowing while we were out; not enough to make a headwind, but just strong enough to keep most of the bugs down (the trail runs along a canal).

Tuesday morning we were up and out the door around 6:15 to head up to the gym for a swim. It was one of those mornings where I really didn’t feel like getting up but by the time I was in the pool I was feeling good. I have been focusing on stroke count and reaching out w/ each stroke to get as long as possible in the water and it seems to be getting easier each time. As I speed up my count goes up to around 34-36 for each 50m but I think that is fine as long as I keep good form. I think I will start incorporating some speed work and other drills into my swims in a couple weeks and see how that improves my performance in the water. Last year, and this year for the most part, I would just go to the gym and swim my distance for the day. I’m sure that adding more laps will help build strength but I think that mixing it up with some drills will help increase my speed in the water. My first tri of the season is in early May w/ a swim of 800m. Realistically I think I can complete it in 14 minutes based on my current swimming ability but If I work hard for the next month or so I might be able to take 30-60 seconds off of that time. (I didn’t think about any of this on Tuesday, this all occurred to me during my swim today – I just thought I might as well included it here)

I rode my bike home from work Tuesday evening, threw on my bike shorts and a technical shirt, and hopped on the trainer for 45 minutes. I watched the first part of Gone in 60 Seconds on the computer and before I knew it I was in my cool-down.

This morning I was up around 6am to head back up to the gym for another swim. I had 750m on the schedule but thought I would go for 1,000 if I felt like it once I was in the pool. There was only one other person in the pool when I got in and after a few minutes he was out and I had it to myself for a while. Eventually a couple more people got in and by the time I got out all of the lanes were full. I took a quick steam then headed home for some breakfast and a shower.

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