Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jungle Run Here I Come

The Jungle Run HM is this Sunday; seems like I just started training for it a couple weeks ago. I've missed a couple short runs here and there but I think my cycling has made up for the misses as far as leg strength goes. I started thinking about my goals for the race last night and based on what I have run in training they seem reasonable - granted anything can happen on race day but at least I don't have to worry about getting a flat tire :)

A Goal: 1:45:00
B Goal: sub 1:47:00
C Goal: sub 1:50:00

Perfect day, perfect conditions, perfect everything dream goal: Sub 1:40:00

I'm planning on going out strong but steady for the first four miles then picking it up for the next five miles and racing the last four. Jen is running it with me so I know starting with her will help since she has much better pace control than I do.

Now that Jen isn't working and is more confident on the bike she has been doing some of her HIM training on her own which has freed me up to focus on the August 10th Sprint in Santa Cruz. I feel like I've been slacking a bit on my training and eating so this week I'm focused on completing all my workouts and eating right. Yesterday I took a long lunch and went to masters with Jen which was great - it's nice to be out in the sun for a while and to get a workout in at the same time. Best of all I can shower right after and get back to the office.

We skipped the 5k on fourth of July and went to masters instead - neither of us was feeling the race that day and why pay the $$ if you aren't in the mood to run hard. That evening we went to a party with some masters folks (one of our coaches was hosting it and it was her birthday) and had a great time. We walked over to the park at dark and watched the fireworks then headed back to her house for some more drinking and then more drinking. She gave us a wine and scotch "clinic" which was cool - I've never been a big scotch fan but some of them were pretty good.

So far this week I have ran six miles, swam two miles, and rode 25 miles. Tonight I think I will just lift some weights at home since I don't have anything else on the schedule. The rest of the week looks like this:

Wed: Run 6mi in am - 4mi Tempo; swim masters at lunch
Thurs: Ride 25mi in am; swim masters at lunch
Fri: Run 4mi easy in am (optional); OWS after work
Sat: off or possible masters in am
Sun: Jungle Run

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Tristram said...

Thanks for the note, Zach. You are rocking the training! Big miles and lots of pool time. I have been more catch as catch can, but thats ok given where I was three months ago. Good luck on Sunday- leave it all on the pavement!