Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunny Skies

This past week we have been treated to some sunny skies in Portland and it has been great. Everyone keeps saying that this is not normal winter weather for Oregon but since we just moved here in August this is normal for me and it's what I will base all future years on when making a comparison. The clear skies have made for some nice views from the office:

Friday evening we went over to have a couple of drinks with some friends and have a bike maintenance clinic to learn how to change breaks - it was cool to see and answered a few questions I had about the process and brakes in general. I made some cupcakes to take over and they turned out pretty well:

Saturday we slept in the after breakfast headed out for a ten mile run (1:27:28). We were thinking about driving somewhere for our run but decided to run close to home since we needed to go look at computers after our run. Friday afternoon our old computer decided that it was no longer going to cooperate with it's human masters and refused to load the operating software. To make matters worse the computer refused to respond to keyboard commands. So Saturday we headed down to Fry's and picked up a new laptop. It has twice the memory of our old computer, is faster, and takes up way less room. This is the first laptop I've owned and it's pretty freakin sweet. Jen has wanted to get one for a while now so she really loves it. The wireless internet is pretty nice as well.

Sunday we headed out to the coast to visit some friends and go to the beach for a hike. We ended up going for a hike to take a tour of our friend's property and hanging out for longer than we thought we would (which really wasn't a surprise)
We made it to the beach for sunset before heading back to Portland:

Today (Monday) we went out to Beaverton to run some errands and stopped by the pool to pay our fees so we can start going to masters tomorrow night. I'm only planning on going a couple nights a week for the next few weeks then plan on going three times a week starting in March. After signing up we took off for a short four mile run on a trail near the pool. Total time for today: 32:18.

Back to work tomorrow and back into the pool!


Emily said...

Are you a bicycle genius now? I'm pissed that I forgot to grab a cupcake before I left! They looked soooo good. Glad you guys had a good time there.

jen said...

Thanks for the super fun extended weekend. :)

Steven said...

Sounds like a great use of time all the way around!

Excellent sunset pic too.

Ange said...

looks beautiful there!!! Great job on your run and man are those cupcakes awesome looking!!!
Thanks for your nice post on my blog

aron said...

looks like you guys had such a great weekend :) those pics are awesome!!

Marathon Maritza said...

Awesome pics! I can't wait to hear how the Masters class went.

Will you please ship me one of those cupcakes? Thanks. :)

Kim said...

GOODNESS, how beautiful it is there!!! you guys seem to be acclimating nicely - getting in some great workouts and enjoying the new loaction!