Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back in the Gym

This Sunday Jen and I went up to the gym, did a quick lift, then had a nice long steam. It was really foggy that morning (visibility was a couple hundred feet if that) so I decided to skip the group ride. It was nice to be back in the gym and we are planning on getting up there a couple of times a week.

Monday am swim at 24hr - 600m

Yesterday morning I got up and headed up to the gym for a swim before work. I did 250 warm up then 5x50 sprints w/ 20 seconds rest in between. The first couple were good and I felt great but then the Sunday lift caught up to me (and the fact that I really haven't done multiple sprint laps) and the last three were pretty tough. I averaged :41 so I was pretty happy with that. I think I will keep the sprints in my routine at least once a week and will build them up to 10x50, 15x50, etc., etc.

I had my first day on the new job yesterday and everything went well - pretty much just a "watch and learn" day. From the sounds of it I will ramp up over time and they will take me step by step until I have a grasp on the big picture - much better than just being thrown into the mix and trying to keep my head above water.

Tuesday am run w/ Jen - 5 mi.
Total Time: 43:12
AP: 8:34

Was up around 6:10 this morning and headed up the Iron Horse trail with Jen for 5 miles. She continued on to do eight but I had to stop at five to get ready for work. It was pretty cool when we started out but we warmed up after the first half mile or so. Not too many people out on the trail, I think we only saw three people on bikes and no runners. The muscle on the front part of my shin was a bit tight around mile two but it loosened up after a while. After that nothing else was bothering me.

Today is my Friday which is pretty cool - we will be heading down to San Diego for Thanksgiving so I took tomorrow off.

Well probably no more updates until next week - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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