Saturday, November 17, 2007

Off Week in Review

Well the end of my "vacation" week has finally come - I start the new job on Monday. I'm really excited about starting in the new role, learning new things, and working at a big office again. This first week is going to be pretty relaxed - I have to be there at 9am on Monday for my new employee orientation then I work a full day Tuesday and the rest of the week I have off. Jen and I are heading down to San Diego again this year for Thanksgiving and we are both really excited. She is going to run a 5k on Turkey Day and I will do some golfing with my Dad on Friday while Jen and my Step-Mom do some early morning shopping. Following is a re-cap of my week off:

Monday - Ran 5mi w/ Jen - Total Time: 44:32 - AP: 8:54
Tuesday - Had lunch with some former co-workers from Fisher Investments
Wednesday - Went to LA w/ Jen - Watched Hockey at Patrick Malloy's on the Strand and had many, many drinks (2 for 1 happy hour) and dinner.
Thursday - Ran 6 mi w/ Jen on the Strand in Hermosa Beach - Total Time 53:29 - AP: 8:55 - Flew back to Bay
Friday - Slept in - Played golf at Callippe Preserve in Pleasanton w/ my buddy Chris (I shot at 45, he shot a 54 (9 holes)) followed by dinner and drinks at the Dublin Sports Bar
Saturday - Rode 16 miles w/ Jen while she ran on the Iron Horse - lounged around while she made Thanksgiving dinner (pre-Thanksgiving dinner since we will be in San Diego for actual Thanksgiving)
Sunday - TBD

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Paul said...

Hey Good luck with the new job. Hav a safe trip!!! look me up maybe when you're in town?