Monday, November 26, 2007

Wonderful Thanksgiving

Not much new to report – I took the days over the Thanksgiving break to relax, do some golfing, and decide on a goal for the next couple of months so I can get some motivation back. I’ve decided to do a half-marathon in the beginning of Feb. and will start training on December 3rd. My goal for the race is to beat my previous PR which is an AP of 8:12. Jen will be running the race with me which will be pretty cool; in the last half-marathon we did together she was up ahead of me for all of the race. This time I should be able to hang in there for the majority of the race. This week I am planning on running, spinning, swimming, and maybe getting up to the gym for a lift. Jen is running CIM on Sunday so I am not planning on getting in any rides this week at all.

We spent Thanksgiving down in San Diego again this year and once again we had a great time. Dinner was at my Dad and Step-Mom’s place this year so we didn’t have to worry about driving which was nice. The food was great again this year, we had turkey, stuffing, roasted potatoes, cranberries, salad, soup, and a very delicious lemon cheesecake that my Dad made from scratch. In addition to Jen and me were my parent’s friends Mary and Murrough with their two children Conner and Jack, and their two friends Jonathan and Dave. All are from Ireland with the exception of Dave who is Scottish. Jen and I took the opportunity to ask them where they thought we should go when we take a trip to Europe and they all said Italy was the best place to see. Later on when Jen and I were talking about it we both thought it was funny that no one mentioned Ireland or Scotland.

I’m working on my schedule for the half marathon now and will start posting the weekly plan during the first week of training. I think I might finally have to break down and buy some running tights since it has been getting down to the low 40’s/high 30’s in the mornings and that is when I will do the majority of my training (the only exception would be my Saturday runs since I can sleep in a bit that day).


jen said...

Had a great time in San Diego with you. Next year you have to do the 5k on Thanksgiving morning!! :)

Ya it will be COLD in the coming months - see what Santa brings you before you buy anything though! :P

I'm so glad you'll be supporting me up in Sacramento this weekend. :) Wear your running shoes cause I might have you jump in with me for a bit.

Marathon Maritza said...

Scotland is gorgeous and Scottish people were the nicest we encountered. And traditional scottish breakfasts are THE BEST - greasy, and surely fattening and delicious.

But yes, Italy trumps all.