Monday, November 19, 2007

Lifting Again and Yes, I am Sore

Sunday afternoon I headed up to the gym with Jen for a lift and steam (it's been working for a few days now!). We just did some light weights but I am still a bit sore this afternoon. It was nice to be lifting again, I forgot how much I liked it.

Monday am swim at 24 hr - 600m

This morning I headed up to the gym for a quick morning swim - I did 250 to warm up then did 250 of sprint drills where I just swam 50m hard then rested for 20 seconds. I could tell right away that I was sore from lifting yesterday, but I'm sure a lot of it was due to my slacking on the swimming lately. The drills did make the time go by a bit faster so I think I will do 5x50 w/ 20 seconds rest for a couple more weeks, then move up to 10x50, 15x50, etc. During my warm up I focused on keeping my stroke count low but that went to hell once I started the drills. The first couple were ok, but the count increased by about 5 per 25m after that. I averaged about :41 for the 50m "sprints".

Well, it's the first day on the new job so I'm going to wrap this up - I've got some reading to do (non-blog) but will get caught up on my online reading over the Thanksgiving weekend. Tomorrow is my Friday so this week was short and sweet!

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