Friday, November 9, 2007

Back in the Pool

Friday morning swim @ 24hr.
850m - 500, 100x2, 50x3, plus 50 side/sweet spot drill (so actually 900 total)
500: 8:52
100's: 1:31, 1:37 - 30 seconds rest between
50's: :42, :54, :50 - 15 seconds rest between

Man I slept good last night. I woke up feeling great, so great in fact that I wanted to curl back up and enjoy it for a few minutes longer. After considering that for a few I got up, grabbed my gym bag, and headed out the door. Once I was in the water I felt pretty good and worked on stroke count and high elbows. Of course once I started pushing hard my stroke count went to hell but hopefully that will improve as I start putting more time in.

Oh yeah - the steam room was back in business today too! I hit it up after my swim and was even a bit late for work because I stayed to get in a few extra minutes of steam. I figured that with the way things go there it might be broken again after today so I should get in as much as possible while I had the chance.


jen said...

Nice swim!

I would choose steam room over being on time for work too (and often do!) but especially cause it's your LAST DAY! :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Yeah I was gonna say, you were late for the job you just quit? Who cares!!!!