Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Almost Friday!

Distance: Five Miles
Total Time: 39:59
AP: 8:00

This morning I was up and out the door around 6:20 (the alarm went off at 5:45) for five miles, which according to my schedule were to be five hard miles. I knew I didn’t want to start out hard and push my luck with my shin but I thought I would try to pick it up a bit on mile two and see how things felt after that. I’m not sure of my exact pace for the first two miles but I believe the first mile came in at around 9:00. It was a bit faster than my first miles have been for other recent runs but since I was pain free at this point I decided to pick it up a little bit for the next mile. Mile two – approx 8:34. I was still feeling good at this point so I picked up the pace again for mile three and then continued to speed up through miles four and five. My pace for those miles was 7:42, 7:14, and 6:44.

I walked to work again this morning so I got in about two miles of walking after the run. I have to change my route a bit because yesterday on the way home I was stopped by one of Dublin’s finest and he gave me a warning for Jaywalking. One of my co-workers was ticketed in the same spot I was warned and the fine was $126; I really don’t want to spend my money on something like that so I don’t mind adding two or three minutes to my walk.

Also, I’ve now watched the first two episodes of The Wire season five (the final season) and so far it looks like it will be a great season. Freakin HBO, first The Sopranos goes, now The Wire is ending! Oh well, at least the next (and not last) season of LOST starts in 21 days.

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