Friday, January 25, 2008

Six and Six

Tuesday am run: Six miles
Total Time: 51:49
AP: 8:38
Avg bpm: 138

Thursday am run: Six miles
Total Time: 50:21
AP: 8:24

I was able to get in two six mile runs this week and have ten on the schedule for tomorrow, giving me a total of 22 for the week. My race is next weekend so I plan on running a nice even pace on the Saturday run then taking it easy for the most part next week. My shins are still giving me problems from time to time but it is pretty random. On the Thursday run I started out in the high eights for the first couple miles but focused on keeping my strides short. I had read that the pain in the tibialis anterior (the muscle that is bothering me) can be caused by over striding because it is the muscle that controls the lifting and setting down of your toes. A hard heel strike can cause it to be overworked leading to cramping and soreness. Hopefully with more running, walking, stretching, and strengthening it will get better.

This week I also enjoyed a couple of days of sleeping in. I figured that in a few weeks when I am working out every morning and some evenings that I will look back fondly on those mornings when I was able to sleep in. This morning was one of those mornings and it was great – I was able to sleep in until around 7:40. I went to a Warriors game last night with a couple of my co-workers and did not get home until fairly late so it was nice to still get a good amount of sleep.

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