Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Something Different

Distance: Eight Miles
Time: 1:06:47
AP: 8:21
Abpm: 147

The air was still, the streets were dark, as I stepped outside my door;
Shoes and socks, shirt and tights, I needed nothing more;
A Garmin to track my distance, an iPod for some tunes;
One to see how far I’ve gone, one to get me in a groove;
The fog was heavy, the morning cold, and my head was full of sleep;
Timer started, music on, my feet move to the beat;
The first two miles are nice and slow, no need to hurt my shin;
Six more miles left to go, but now I start to grin;
My leg feels good, like I hoped it would, music volume going up;
Picking up the pace, but not too much, cause an injury would suck;
Miles three and mile four go by, and now I’m halfway done;
I turn Tiesto’s Club Life on, by far my favorite one;
New to you, then check it out, podcasts are free for everyone;
I’m speeding up, but not too much, my lungs are feeling fine;
Six miles down, two more to go, I’m running short on time;
Cut it short, no chance in hell, cause now there’s one to go;
Soulja Boy done tol’ me, I’m a Superman you know;
800 yards, now four, now two, I see my house ahead;
I stop and stretch, then check my pulse, wipe the sweat off of my head;
My shirt is wet, my songs are done, and there is moisture in my hair;
The streets are light, the day is here, there’s still thick fog in the air;
My run is over, I walk upstairs, and think “I feel great”;
Two more days, another run, I can not freakin’ wait!

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