Monday, January 21, 2008

Longest Yet

Saturday Long Run: 14 mi
Time: 1:56:21
AP: 8:19
Avg bpm: 155

This past Saturday I ran 14 miles, the longest run I have ever done. Jen was running 12 miles the same day so we started out and ran our first four miles together. We split at the four mile mark and I picked up the pace slightly to bring my miles down to around 8:00 – I think mile five was around 8:30, mile six around 8:07, and then I hovered in the 7:40 to 8:00 range for the remainder of the run. I was a bit tired toward the end but I pushed myself to run the last mile faster than the others and ended up running a 7:09 for mile 14.

I started out with my water bottle filled with Clif Electrolyte replacement (Cran Razz) and refilled at a drinking fountain around mile nine. I had eaten three clif blox when I turned around so I ate my last one when I was filling my water bottle. My plan for the race is to bring four blox, my water bottle on my waist belt, and a disposable water bottle filled with Clif Cran Razz. When I ran my last half marathon I put a few ice cubes in my water bottle so by the time I started drinking from it the water was still pretty cool so I think I will follow that same course this time.

After my run on Saturday I spent the day reading and relaxing. Jen had a couple of friends in town for the weekend so while they were in the city I got in a good five hours of reading. I had planned on making my way out onto the porch to smoke a cigar while I read but got so sucked into my book that before I knew it the sun was going down and it was cold outside. Jen, Inga, and Deana came by the house and picked me up in the evening and we went to our local sports bar to watch the Sharks play the Red Wings. The Sharks, being a kind team, allowed the Red Wings to win the game since they still feel bad about beating them 9 to 1 when they met a while back. I thought that was very nice of the Sharks even though it was hard to watch them lose. We ended up staying around after the game to watch the band play for a while (local cover band) before heading home for some on-demand karaoke.

This picture is my company Christmas photo - the pictures were taken back in December but were just posted today:

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jen said...

Great post- I agree the Sharks are a very generous team. :P Nice picture- good to put faces to names finally.

Good luck with your last long run and your pre-race week running! :)