Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Routine Begins Anew

Well I think we are finally getting back into a routine. Granted it is coming in small steps but it is getting there. I have been keeping up on my running due to the training plan for the half marathon but have been struggling when it comes to getting up in the morning. I ran four miles on Monday and seven miles on Tuesday mornings then today we went up to the gym to get a quick swim in. The alarm went off at 5:45 but we weren’t out of bed until about 6:10ish. Fortunately my triathlon training doesn’t start until a week after my half marathon so by then it should be a bit easier to get up early and head out. Overall the half marathon training has been good, my shin hasn’t bothered me this week which I believe is due to a combination of starting out at a nice slow pace and walking to work (or driving then going for a walk at lunch). Hopefully by the time the race rolls around I should be good to go – really I would just like to run a good race with no leg problems. On Tuesday I ran negative splits with my first mile at 9:32 and my last at 7:02 so I know I can pick up the pace throughout the run; the only problem is that I’m not sure how long I can hold a fast pace. This weekend I have a 12 miler on the schedule and I would like to hold a pace in the low eights for miles five to twelve.

One thing that I really learned from this training is that any little thing can have a big impact on performance. It took me a while to realize what was missing from my daily routine during the time when I was having no leg problems and that was my daily walks (I used to walk to the train then from the train to my office in the city). Now that I have incorporated walking back into my daily routine I’m hoping that the shin pains become a thing of the past (not shin splints, but cramping in the muscle on the front of my leg). I didn’t even think about the walks until the cramping started in both legs – if it had just been in one leg then I might not have thought about it but when it happened in both legs I knew something was causing it that was not running related (very scientific I know).

To sum it up, training is good and getting better, still struggling with getting up in the morning but slowly making progress, legs are getting better – not cramping as often and the walks seem to be helping, blog updates are suffering which I am also planning on working on, but overall everything is on the up and up.


jen said...

Great job getting up this morning, and the other mornings this week too! The more we do it the easier it gets.

I'm glad that you figured out how walking would help your shins and that it has worked. I think adding other cross training will benifit you too.

Keep it up broski!

Dragonfly on the Water said...

You know walking is in your genes, since you are from the "Walkin Family". Keep up the good work on all your training.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be on the right track. Good luck and watch the speed. too fast might get you more pains than a consistant slower pace.

We are looking forward to hearing how your training is going and keeping everyone updated. You both have a lot planned for 2008 Good luck.
You do a very nice job on your blog.
P&A in Montnana.....