Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday Brick

Woke up a bit earlier than normal today to get in a brick workout. I will be going out after work for some birthday drinks and dinner so I knew a workout was not in the cards. It's still too dark to ride at 5:30am which meant I was back on the trainer for a 40 minute ride before heading out for a four mile run. Jen had seven miles on her schedule today so she woke up and got dressed right as I finished up my ride and I joined her for the first two miles of her run. We kept a nice easy pace for the first two miles (average was 9:02) then I picked it up a bit on the way back to the house; 8:08 for mile three and 7:35 for mile four. Overall I felt good and wasn't nearly as stiff or sore as I remember being on my brick workouts last year.

Last night Jen joined me on a road ride which I think was really good for her. She gets a bit nervous when riding on the roads so I thought it would be good for us to do a couple of road rides together on her hybrid since her feet are not clipped into that bike. She did great on the ride and I know that with more rides she will be more comfortable and confident. We rode 14 miles total and it took us 1:02:36.


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Anonymous said...

Run far, swim long & ride hard.
Happy Birthday!

Dragonfly on the Water

Donald said...

Happy birthday, dude! You're just hitting your prime endurance athlete years. Be sure to kick some butt in this age division before you leave it next year.

Paul said...

Happy Birthday!

Kim said...


hey, when are you coming to beantown???