Friday, April 18, 2008

Off to Boston

We're heading to Boston tomorrow where Jen will be running her second Boston Marathon. The bags are packed (pretty much), the local eateries and bars have been mapped out, the co-worker orders have been placed (a jar of Fluff and a box of Dunkin Donuts), and the hotel has been confirmed.

This year the weather looks to be a tad bit better than it was last year which will be a nice change. Sunday we will watch the Olympic trials, head over to the expo, stop by the Pour House for lunch, meet one of Jen's friends for dinner, and watch the Sharks play game six against Calgary, and do a few other things I'm sure I am forgetting.

I hope to get in at least two runs along the river which should be pretty cool. I'll try to bring the camera along so I can get some pics but if not I'll take a couple with my cell phone.

Other than watching Jen kick butt in the race I am looking forward to having a few days off of work. The last time I had more than one day in a row off I spent the majority of the time in bed taking Darvocet and watching movies (not for fun mind you but to dull the pain from my hernia surgery).

Last night I rode a 25mi loop by my house in 1:21:41 - I think the avg mph was around 17.9. This morning I ran two miles with Jen and Martiza then took off for a couple of faster miles on the way back to the house while they kept an easy pace. I think my average was around 8:14 for the four miles; the first two were 9:18 and 9:22 - the second two were 7:22 and 7:11.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zach, hope your wife runs well today. I have a friend of a friend running, but he is off pace at the moment. As for the masters swim group, thats a great idea, but better yet would be to get some one-on-one time with a good coach to look at your stroke and make adjustments. I had one of our swim coaches watch me today, and she noticed I was tilting my head when I breathed, which threw off my alignment. When I corrected it, my kick was better, too. Have a great break! --Tris

Marathon Maritza said...

Who's Martiza?

Marathon Maritza said...


Gotta Run said...

You are a great husband to support your wife as she ran Boston!!! Looks like you have recovered well from your accident.

You two keep it up!!!