Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Race This Weekend

My first race of the season is this Sunday so I have been tapering a bit this week - nothing too drastic, just taking the rides and runs easy. Tomorrow I will get in an additional swim and after that I think I'll just plan on doing an easy ride or two and another easy run (running tonight after work).

I am a bit anxious about the swim portion but I'm going into it realizing that the 1/2 mile is going to take me around 15 minutes. If it's a bit faster, great, but I'm not too hung up on it. I guess this is a good time to lay out some goals since I'm talking about the swim so here we go:

C goal: Have fun, race smart, finish the race feeling good
B goal: 15 min swim, 16mph avg on bike, 31 minute run
A goal: 14 min swim, 17.5mph avg on bike, 30 minute run

Surprise myself goal: sub 14 minute swim, 18.5mph avg on bike, sub 29 minute run

(And of course the goal I always have when racing, no flat tires!) :)

Next week we will go to our first masters class and I'll ramp up my training for the Showdown at Sundown in June. Not really sure what my goals will be yet but it is a shorter course so I can hopefully go harder in all three disciplines. After that I don't have any other tri events on the schedule, just the Half Marathon in July and then it's a clear calendar for the rest of the year. I might take some time to focus on swimming and running with some long moderately paced rides thrown in the mix. There are a couple of events I have thought about in the late August to early October time frame but haven't committed to them yet.

Recent workouts:

Saturday - ran 6mi on the Iron Horse, avg pace 8:20; Swam ~300m OWS in wet suit
Sunday - rode 25mi, stopped for lunch with Maritza and Jen
Monday - swam 1000m in am 18:58, rode 17mi in pm (Jen's first ride on her new bike)
Tuesday - swam 1000m in am 18:14, ran 3mi easy in pm 9:12 AP


Tristram Wood said...

Hey Zach, Thanks for the note. The NJ State is at the end of July, so I should be in good shape by then. I am swimming pretty consistent 1:35 100s, and I know by the time the race comes I will be down at the sub 1:30 range. I hope to get that money back, but you never know with third party ebay. So far, crossed fingers, I have not been burned and I have gotten some great deals (and given some great deals- good karma). McCarthy is a great writer- I really like his stuff. I just read his latest (The Road) this winter, which was very good. In some literary circles, Blood Meridian is considered the only true American Novel- and it is a great read as well, but be prepared for gore and mayhem! And if you ride a 16.5 mph this weekend, I will personaly fly out there and kick your butt! Get those legs moving and HTFU!

Paul said...

Good luck this weekend!

jen said...

Can't wait to see how you do this weekend. You should be proud to even be there since you had surgery 2 months ago and you didn't know if you'd be ready. You're going to do great! :)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck this weekend. Hope you kick butt.

Let us know how it goes. Keep up the blogging, love reading it. See you in June.

A&P in Montana