Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time Keeps on Slippin

Tuesday pm
- 50 min on trainer - 1min sprint every 10
Wed am
- 1000m at pool in am 18:05
Wed pm
- ran 5 mi w/ Jen - 2mi warm up 8:52AP - 3x1mi; 7:04, 6:47, 6:54
Thurs am
- 30 min recovery ride on trainer

This morning when I was climbing on the trainer I noticed it is starting to be light enough to ride outside at 6am - I think I will start working in some morning brick workouts starting next week. My first event is fast approaching and I would like to get in three or four more bike to run bricks in before race day.

Last night's running felt good - we ran hard for three of the miles with short breaks after each one; I never found myself really hurting during any of the miles so I'll take that as a good sign that my body is mending well.

Not sure what the plan is for this evening; the Sharks play at 7pm so whatever it is I will try to be done by then.

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