Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend cont. along with the first part of this week

Saturday after waiting for Jen we went out for some breakfast at our LBS (Local Bagel Shop) then I convinced her to join me at the gym for a swim.

500m 9:15
5x50m hard w/ :45 rest - average :40 per 50m
50m breast
50m back stroke
150m free

The next day we took care of the grocery shopping then went for a short hike near our apartment. The wildflowers are coming out everywhere and Jen wanted to take some pictures - you can check them out here. After that we met my buddy Chris at the Sports Bar we frequent for some lunch and to watch the Sharks play their last regular season game. They didn't end up winning the game but it didn't really matter because they have already clinched the Pacific Division.

That afternoon I baked a strawberry pie then climbed on the trainer for an hour and a half ride. To kill the time I watched Hit Man and it definitely made the time fly by (well, as much as time can fly by on the trainer). Not the most original storyline (elite assassin betrayed by the organization he works for) but a good flick none-the-less.

Monday morning I was back up to the gym for another 1,000m - this time I just swam the distance and didn't do any drills. I completed it in around 18:25 then worked on my floating drills and did some flips to practice flip turns (not as easy as one would think).

Monday evening I ran with Jen - I had four miles on my schedule, was planning on doing five, then ended up running six. Total time was 51:55 for an AP of 8:39.

This morning I was back in the pool:

500m - 9:00
5x100m w/ 1:00 rest - average 1:32

I tried and completed one "successful" flip turn after the first 50m then decided to try it again after the next 25m - didn't really work out all that well as I ended up at the bottom of the pool (granted it is only like four feet deep but still). I tried a couple more throughout the swim but none really worked out that well - oh well, I'll keep practicing after each swim and get it eventually.

My kicking definitely needs some work as well - today there was a young girl (high school or college) that seemed to have a really powerful kick, mine not so much. I kicked 25m w/ the board and I felt like I was hardly moving at all.

Tonight I may take the bike out on the roads - we have been having some serious wind late in the day around here so that may keep me inside on the trainer. That sort of sounds like a cop-out when I type it so we'll see.

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