Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Breaking Seven

am Run - 4 mi
Total Time: 27:48
AP: 6:57

Today was my last hard run before the 5k this weekend and I hit my goal of sub 7 minute miles. It's true that I do have two stops in the run, one at around the 3 mile mark and another around 3.75 but I know I can hold that pace for at least 3 miles without stopping. This morning I was sooooooooo looking forward to that second stop but someone was already at the intersection and as I got close I saw the light change to walk. Since it gives you 30 seconds to cross I didn't stop but continued running into our complex. I had to stop at this point because my stomach decided it was time try and empty itself - fortunately I don't eat before the morning run so all I had was air. Sort of like dry heaves during a hangover without the hangover (Come on, you know you've been there before). After about 30 seconds of that I finished off the run and was excited to see that I had broken the 7 minute mile mark. It was a bit early to let out a Woo Hoo! so I settled for some fist pumps in the air. I am looking forward to the race this weekend and hope the weather is nice (we had our first real rain yesterday evening).

1 comment:

jen said...

Awesome! I can't believe you are running sub 7 minute pace on a 4 mile training run, wow. WOW! You are going to kick ass at the 5k race! :)