Saturday, October 20, 2007

Catching Up

Ran 3.4 mi Thurs am
Total Time: 27:12
AP: 8:00

Cut the run a bit short on Thurs because Jen was heading out of town and I wanted to get back to the house before she left for the train station. It was cool so I wore one of the long sleeve technical shirts we picked up at Primo's for placing in the top 50 in our races last Sunday.

Today (Saturday) I rode my bike in Tiburon while Jen ran her 18 miles. Will post about it tomorrow or Monday. I hope to get out with the group again tomorrow but we are heading to a Halloween party tonight w/ an open bar so we will see how chipper I am tomorrow at 8am.

1 comment:

Marathon Maritza said...

Dude, I totally got done in with the open bar and the live band.


Glad you guys came out!