Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Back at it

Morning run - 4mi
Total Time: 31:43
AP: 7:54

After the tri this weekend we took Monday as an off day and then yesterday was a nice short swim followed by an evening off. At this point I am not really training for anything specific (well I have a 5k next weekend where I'll go for a PR but nothing else planned after that) so I need to put together a new off season plan. I will be running in the mornings w/ Jen two days a week and solo one day; then swimming the other two mornings. I'm going to keep biking on the weekends and try to get to a spin class or two during the week and maybe throw some weights into the mix. So basically I have a bunch of ideas that need to form themselves into some type of plan.

This morning I was planning on running a nice slow pace since this was my first post-tri run but I ended up running sub-8. I wasn't really trying to run fast and the pace didn't feel too hard but I definitely was not running slow and relaxed. Friday and Monday I am going to do some faster runs then slow it back down on Wed and Friday of next week before the 5k which is on Sunday.

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jen said...

Sounds like you had a good "General Aerobic" run today, but not quite "Easy." You are a great runner but it will take time and practice to get to know all your gears. Running easy is surprisingly hard, but super important. You'll get it! Luckily you have no problem running fast as hell. :)