Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Morning Run and Potential 2008 Races

Morning loop w/ Jen - 4 mi.
Total Time: 35:09
AP: 8:48

Ran the first four miles of Jen's 11 miler with her this morning. I was hoping to do five with her but we got a bit of a late start. It was overcast so the temp was a bit warmer than it has been on previous morning runs. By the end my left hamstring was feeling a bit tight so I made sure to stretch it out right after the run and again in the shower. By the time I was walking to the train it was not bothering me at all. Might be due to my shoes, good thing the new ones will be here in a few days. Overall it was a good run. Tomorrow I'm heading up to spin class then I plan on running Thursday and Friday mornings.

So I found a couple of races that I am thinking about doing next spring/early summer. Still haven't found an Olympic/international distance but I will keep looking. That's the nice thing about CA, there is always a race somewhere near by.

May 2008: SUN MAY 4th, 2008
10th annual
1/2mi swim, 15mi bike, 4mi run
Lake Berryessa, Napa

June 2008 with Jen: SAT JUNE 7, 2008
Vineman Showdown at Sundown 2007
1/4mi swim, 9mi bike, 3mi run
San Rafel, CA

The Showdown at Sundown (gotta love the name) can be raced as an individual or as part of a team so we need to decide which we want to do before registering. We would race as part of the Forward Motion Racing Club (still need to sign up) depending on how many others are going to be at the event.


jen said...

Thanks for joining me again! :)

Those races look fun- especially the Showdown at Sundown one. Since it's several weeks after Boston I should have plenty of time to train for it- actually I like the idea of tri-training right after a marathon as a break from running. Should make for a fun weekend trip too. :)

Kim said...

i wish i lived in CA... hot guys, warm weather, never have to be on a f($king bike trainer...ah wouldnt it be nice!

Marathon Maritza said...

Thanks for the well-wishes! I will definitely keep the mantra in mind!

And how exciting for upcoming races! I will have to pick mine for 08 soon too!