Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stationary Saddle

5am Spin class at 24hr.

Last night I set my alarm for 4:35am and got my stuff together thinking that I would get to the gym a few minutes early in case of a crowd. When the alarm went off I got right up, threw on my clothes, grabbed my water bottle and keys, and headed out the door. A couple minutes later I was in the car and based on the time I walked out the door I figured I had about 18 minutes to get to the gym. Once I was in the car I glanced down at the clock - 4:28. Huh? Looked at my watch - 4:29. Huh? Now sometime yesterday the power went out so the clocks were screwed up when we got home last night. I was soooooo happy that I didn't have to reset mine since I have the battery backup, but now I am questioning it's ability. Either the world went back in time about 15 minutes yesterday afternoon around 3pm (time of power outage) or somehow the battery backup pushed my clock ahead. Either way I ended up arriving at the gym about 20 minutes early; getting a bike was no problem.

The class was great. I remember the last class I took nearly killed me but on the train ride into the city today I realized that when I took that class it was because I thought I needed to get some cardio (I was only lifting at the time) and had not done any running, biking, etc. for months (I would run now and then but obviously it did not prepare me for spinning). We started out just spinning then we were up out of the saddle, back down, back up, spinning fast, spinning slow, out of the saddle, back in, back out, back in, etc., etc. for 50 minutes. By the end my shirt, hat, and shorts were soaked with sweat, my legs were burning, but I felt great! It was really nice to have fast paced music and someone changing up the workout every few minutes. Much better than just going to the gym and riding the bike.


jen said...

Wow, great job. I'm sure it was a lot easier (relatively) than last time since you're in such good cardio shape now. That's cool that it's still a tough workout though! I'd like to try it sometime, but damn that is early. :) Good job!

Michele said...

I wish we had spin classes here. I just have to do the Spinerval DVD's when it gets too cold to ride outside.