Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spin on Wed, Recovery Run on Thurs

Wed am Spin at 24hr. - 1 hour

Was up early on Wednesday for the 5am spin class. It was hard but fun just like last week. I arrived about 5 minutes early this time instead of 20 minutes early like last week so I didn't have to stand around at all.

Thurs am recovery run w/ Jen - 5.5 mi
Total Time: 49:59
AP: 9:05

Jen joined me this morning since she had to do 12 miles again and we kept a nice pace on our loop around the neighborhood. My legs were a bit sore from the spin class yesterday but after about a mile or so they loosened up and felt great. I had planned on just running 5 with her but we ended up at 5.5 so I was scrambling to make it to the train on time (My schedule in the morning is pretty tight; a delay of even a few minutes throws me off). It was a nice clear morning and the moon gave us a little extra light on the streets that were lacking lamps.


Marathon Maritza said...

What happens when the train is notoriously late?

I feel like it's late ALL the time! :(

jen said...

Nice job this week- you've done some longer runs plus the spin class, good stuff!

I was scrambling a little too this morning... it amazes me that I can get up at 4:45 and STILL not make it to work by 8:30!

Michele said...

I am glad I don't have to try to catch public transpo, I would never get anywhere because I would miss it all the time.

Great job on the run.