Friday, October 5, 2007

Starting to get chilly

AM Run - 4 mi.
Total Time: 28:17
AP: 7:04

Well the time for me to start putting on a long sleeved shirt for morning runs is fast approaching. Not that I really have much am running experience, but I know it was cold when I was walking to BART in the morning last October. Getting up this morning was tough since Jen is out of town; she does a great job of pushing me out of the bed with her feet in the morning. Once I was up and out the door I warmed up and settled into a groove. The plan was to run fast this morning which I think I did for the first 1.5 and last 1 mile. They were probably all pretty consistent but once I am a ways into the run I always feel like I slow down a bit then pick it back up at the end. I haven't run with the GPS lately so I'm not sure of my splits; it will be interesting to see what they are like in the race next weekend. I read today that the top 25 males and females in each race (there is a half marathon and 5k - Jen is doing the half) get a technical tee afterward. I checked last year's results and to be a top 25 male in the 5k I would need to run sub 6:20 - yeah, that's not going to happen. I do think I have a good chance of getting a PR (22:21) which would be pretty cool.

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jen said...

Holy speedster! Great job this morning. Miss you. :)