Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Saturday Bike Ride, Tuesday am run w/ Jen

Saturday Bike Ride - 31 mi. - Tiburon Loop
Avg mph: 17.5

Hills, Hills, and more Hills! I rode the loop we normally run in Tiburon on Saturday while Jen did her 18 mile run. It's about 6 miles of slow steady climbing with a couple of short but steep climbs mixed in. The nice thing about this ride is that after gaining all that elevation you lose it in about 3/4 of a mile on a steep descent - I hit my fastest speed yet on the bike, 40.6 mph. I also used my new arm warmers for the first time and they worked great! I ended up leaving them on for the whole ride which was nice because I didn't need to stop by the car to put on sunscreen. After the ride I drove the car up to our breakfast spot where Jen met up with me a short time later. That evening we went to a Halloween party with our friend Maritza and her boyfriend Matt.

I was planning on going for a ride with the Cyclepath group on Sunday but ended up going into the city with Jen to check out the Nike Women's Marathon (she ran it in 2005 as her first ever marathon). That afternoon we ran some errands then watched the Red Sox beat the Indians.

Tuesay am run w/ Jen - 6 mi
Total Time: 46:10
AP: 7:42

Jen joined me for 6 miles this morning (she was doing 12 total) so I changed the morning loop a bit to add some distance. We ended up having to do some small loops at the end to get in the last .4 mi. so I need to figure out a way to add that distance on so we can avoid that next time. As usual it was nice having someone with me, it always makes the run go by faster. Jen had her GPS so I am looking forward to hearing our mile splits since I have a feeling we sped up toward the end. It was on the cool side this morning but not really "cold".


Paul said...

Nice costumes! Looks like fun.

jen said...

Thanks for pushing me on this morning's run! I have a hard time maintaining that kind of pace on my own sometimes, but you definitely helped! :)

Anonymous said...

Your training really sounds fun. Its great to be outside & smell the world. Great costumes.
Dragonfly on the Water...

Donald said...

The black eye on the hockey player is a nice touch.