Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heat Delay

Bike approx 6 mi
Miles Tracked: 4.87
Time: 15:35
MPH: 18.6

Last night was a warm one out in the ole East Bay so we waited a bit before heading out for a ride. We ended up waiting a bit too long and it was a race against darkness to get in a few miles. I tried to keep my speed up since I knew it was going to be a short ride and I wanted to try to maximize the workout. Jen went too but we split up and I rode ahead; we planned to turn around after 10 minutes and head back the other way to meet up. I stopped and turned around after about 9 minutes and had a drink of water before heading back to meet Jen. I slowed down for a street crossing and noticed someone behind me on a road bike out of the corner of my eye. I thought they may pass me after we crossed but I immediately cranked it up to about 20 mph and kept that pace until we had to stop at a major intersection. The road biker stayed behind me and when I stopped at the intersection he went off in a different direction. As he rode by he gave me a nod that I interpreted as "nice pace".

Side note to self = I need to get some "sun" glasses with clear lenses for riding at dusk/night/dawn/pre-dawn (yes, that is a variety of times). Last night it got too dark for my sunglasses but at the same time if I took them off my eyes my contacts dried out in a few seconds.


This morning I was planning on getting up for a home lift but I felt really tired and wanted to lay in bed for a while instead of getting up. I really didn't fall back to sleep but just laying there was nice (Jen being back in town also made getting up difficult since she gives off a hug me vibe in the mornings). I've gotten to bed pretty late the last couple of nights too so I'm sure that doesn't help when it comes to getting up early. If we would have totally skipped the ride last night then I would feel bad about missing this morning - but we didn't so I'm not too broken up over it.

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jen said...

Good job on all the workouts! It seems like once you are in a groove you have no problem getting the swims/bikes/runs in. Great job making it a habit. Can't wait for our run tonight! :)