Friday, August 17, 2007

It Was Bound To Happen

OWS: 520 y
Time: 11:27

We went to do an OWS before the Tri for Fun this weekend and it didn't go that well, but eh, what can you do? The water was very cloudy and for some reason I got hit with a wave of panic at the start of the swim. After floating in place for a moment I started swimming again but by breathing wasn't really cooperating. Once I had gone about 250 y I started to get into a groove but never really felt like I was having a good swim. My back/hip was bothering me too so that was just one more thing for me to get frustrated with. I'm glad we got out to the lake so I could get this out of my system now instead of on race day. I think as long as I remain calm in the swim and just relax I should be good to go. On a side note - I have a fear of sharks that for some reason transfers to fresh water from time to time. This definitely played a part in the freak out yesterday - I realize there are no sharks at Shadow Cliffs Regional Park but in my mind there was something there :).

Oh well - all I can do is have a good swim the next time.

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