Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday Headwinds - Wednesday morning lift

Bike: 10mi
Time: 39:30
MPH: 15.2

Yesterday after work Jen and I took off on our bikes to get in 8 to 10 miles. We headed up the Iron Horse Trail and as expected we rode into a headwind. I used to dread riding on the trail after 10am because the winds kick up and can get pretty strong. Now I just look at it as another type of training; that way when I'm in a race or on a longer ride with no wind it feels awesome. We focused on our cadence for the first part of the ride and worked on drafting a bit as well. Jen seems to be more comfortable on the bike now and I noticed she was getting right in the pocket behind me when she was drafting instead of being back two or three feet. Overall it was a good ride - we were a bit slower on the way up due to the headwind but cruised on the way back. One other strange thing about the Iron Horse trail is that when you turn around the wind either stops or changes direction - so really it is very rare to actually have the wind blowing at your back.

Wednesday am - Lift at home

This morning I got up early to do a quick home lift. Nothing too spectacular; curls, shoulder press, triceps, push-ups, sit-ups, and some stretching. This was the first lift I have done in some time now and I could tell I had lost a bit of strength. That said, it felt great to be lifting, even if it was at home. My new schedule calls for a Friday post-work lift but I may not make it this week. My Step-Mother is going to be in San Jose for work so Jen and I will head down there to meet her for dinner - I would say that I will try to squeeze a lift in on Saturday or Sunday but the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim since Sat is our long bike ride and Sunday is OWS.

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