Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Mega Post

Saturday Aug 25
Bike 17.5mi w/ Jen
Time: 1:06:36
MPH: 15.8

After our Saturday morning bagels and coffee Jen and I headed out for a ride on a new route we wanted to try. We headed up the IH Trail then over to San Ramon Valley Blvd. where there is a bike lane. We rode up the road for approx. 9 miles then turned off onto the IH trail again and took that all the way back home. The ride was really nice and Jen did a great job riding on the road. There was one downhill part that she said she got a bit nervous on because we picked up quite a bit of speed; I was riding behind her on that stretch and I thought she looked good. It was warm and sunny outside so I was glad we had brought plenty of water. No T run after this ride because we were planning on going for a run the next day.

After the ride we hung out for a bit then headed into the city to go to Sports Basement to look at bikes, racks, and some additional riding clothes. Jen didn't have any biking shorts, just her Tri shorts and Capri bike pants, and I needed an additional pair of shorts and a new jersey to avoid the constant wash cycle that my other gear has been in. Anyway, we ended up getting some new gear but no rack (they did not have the components we need) and no bike (I wasn't impressed with the selection or service). I ended up with new bike shorts and a jersey (same exact shorts, same jersey in a different color) along with a new pair of TYR swim shorts and some new socks. Jen found a nice bike jersey, got some bike shorts, some hiking shorts, and a new swim suit. We also stocked up on gels, blocks, etc. We ended the evening with dinner at the Fog City Diner.

Sunday Aug 26
Run 4 mi Trail Run w/ Jen
Time: 36:33
AP: 9:08

Sunday afternoon we drove up to the Del Valle Regional Park for a run and swim. The morning started off cool but by the time we headed up the sun was out and it was getting close to 90. The run was a trail run and it was pretty tough - Jen took the lead through the hilly part and set a nice pace. We went out two miles then turned around and headed back to the car. My legs were caked in dirt at the end from all the dust but that didn't really matter since we were planning on doing a little swim next.

Swam 500 y/m
Time: 9:14

This was our first time swimming at this location and the first thing I noticed was that the water was shallow and MUDDY. You couldn't see a foot in front of your face from all the mud that was churned up by everyone playing in the water. The swim area did not have a separate area for laps so we were in the mix with everyone. Luckily no one was out close to the far rope so we were able to swim with little interruption. Not only were the people churning up the mud, they were also creating waves and chop. This made the swimming more interesting since you had to fight the water to keep a straight line.

Afterward we hung out on the beach, had a snack, dried off, and relaxed. It was a great way to cap off a fun weekend.

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