Friday, August 24, 2007

Two in Twelve Hours

Thursday pm bike
Miles: 15
Time: 54:35
MPH: 16.5

Yesterday after work I got home, threw on the biking clothes, and headed out the door. Jen was bowling with some co-workers so I was going solo on this one; I was invited to join them but I had been looking forward to trying a new route all day so I declined. The start of the ride was on the Iron Horse and there was a bit of a headwind but it wasn't too bad. After close to two miles on the trail I turned off onto the streets and was on my way. The ride was a steady but not too steep incline for the first eight or nine miles, down for the next couple, back up again for another mile or so, then down and flat for the remainder of the ride. I rode down Dougherty Rd. which does not have a bike land for about 1.5 miles but there is enough room in the lane for cars to pass without having to move over to the left lane. Overall it was a great ride - can't wait to do it with Jen, I think she will enjoy it.

Friday am Run
Miles: 4
Time: 36:44
AP: 9:11

The alarm went off at 5:15, it was dark, the bed was comfortable, but it was Friday and I was inspired to get up and go for run by that fact and by the video posted below. Jen got up too so it wasn't as bad as getting up solo. We headed out for a nice recovery run, and thanks to Jen we kept our pace around 9/9:15 min/mi. I have a habit of trying to go full bore on each workout and not thinking about the fact that there are many more workouts to come. Jen is great at maintaining whatever pace she decides to run so going with her is awesome. This morning it was dark when we started and it was just starting to get light when we got back to the house. I headed up to shower and Jen filled her water bottle and had a couple of clif blocks before heading out for 8 more miles. Little pains here and there during the run but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary.

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jen said...

That video is totally inspiring! And the fact that it's a FRIDAY makes it a lot easier.

You are hitting every workout this week and with a big weekend ahead you'll have piled on the miles. Way to go!! :)