Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let the blogging begin!

The time has come for me to move up from a notebook training log and enter the blogosphere. I have been running consistently since May 2007 when I started training for the Wine Country Half Marathon. Before I started training for that event I had been doing some running on and off but was never very consistent - fortunately my wife is an awesome runner with four marathon's under her belt (or feet). She was kind enough to let me tag along on her runs with her, give me pointers, and most of all encourage me when I needed it. Our interest in running exposed us to a bit of the world of triathlon and we thought we would give it a go; and so far so good. We both got bikes from our LBS; a Trek 7.3FX for me and a Trek 7.2FX for her. They have both been great so far but I am already thinking about drop bars and clipless pedals for mine. Since this is my first post I will keep it short knowing that everything I have/want to say/post will be on here eventually. In the meantime if you want to read a great blog with a lot of great posts check out Running Stories.

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