Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday Evening Swim

Swam 1250 y/m
Time: 24:11

Headed up to the gym after work to get some laps in. I had 750 on my schedule but ended up swimming 1250 because I felt good and I only got in approx 500 on Sunday (schedule called for 1000). There was only one lane available when I arrived due to a water aerobics class so I shared it with one other swimmer. About 15 minutes into my swim the class was over and the other lanes opened up. I moved over and had my own lane for the rest of my swim. I felt good and tried to swim a nice pace that did not wear me out. Toward the end of my swim my stroke count increased a bit but my lap time did not - guess I was sacrificing technique for power and coming out the same - I need to find a good balance so I can keep the stroke count low and my form solid.

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