Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, Monday, Monday - and Tuesday am

Monday am run solo - 4 mi
Total Time: 31:10
AP: 7:47

Was up at 5am for my run and was pleased when I walked out into some cool weather. It must have been in the mid 50's and there was a very light breeze to cool my head when I took my hat off. It was Jen's birthday so she was sleeping peacefully and planning on getting up for her run around 9am. During my run I decided that it was a wonderful day for a sick day so when I got back home I sent an e-mail to work and climbed back in bed with Jen. It was a wonderful way to start out the week.

Tuesday am swim - 1000 y/m
Total Time: 19:10

I had an off site meeting for work today but I was still up at 5 to head up to the gym for a swim. The nice thing about this was that I would have some extra time to sit in the steam room after my swim to relax and enjoy the heat. The swim was good; I felt relaxed pretty much the whole time and kept a nice steady pace on my laps. I am going to try to get out for an OWS this weekend since I have not been in open water since the Tri For Fun at the end of August.

On a side note I am getting excited for the Mission Bay Tri which is fast approaching. I know I am ready for it but getting in a couple more OWS would be nice just so I am back in the sighting groove. I don't really have any specific goals for the race, just to do my best and finish strong.

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